Life is a journey, filled with great moments, and also some problems.  I have experienced the wonders of life as well as hard times.  While I cherish the good times, some of my best life lessons came from times  when problems were ever-presant. Take emotions anger and resentment for example. These emotions occur and stem for my childhood, relationships, life circumstances, business dealings, and everyday interactions ranging from issues of family to persoanl relationships.

I have come to know these emotions while real, serve no positive purpose and keep me from living at peace. When something happens that triggers these feelings it is better to them go than it is to let them dwell within my consciousness.  I know this is easier said than done.  The truth is our ego thrives on these negatives feelings and though them it dictates our behavior & actions.  When this occurs it is not possible to be  at peace, and we human beings are  likely to do and say things we might not represent our true self and later regret. I know this to be true from my own experience and history.

I am more than just my ego. I  have a mind, soul, and body.  My body is the first place I register anger and resentment.  From there it travels to the part of my mind where the ego feeds. I have learned that when I feel this happening, I need to observe that these emotions exist, honor them, then let them go.

I am more than my mind, and so are you!   I want to live with love and peace not anger and resentment. So letting my ego dominate my thoughts serves me no value.  So I have trained myself to observe when emotions cause me to think and act negatively.  At the point I realize its happening I acknowledge the feelings and let them float out of my mind.  This is a conscious process that everyone can do.

When I was young I read a book called Dune by Frank Herbert and remember the statement “fear is the mind killer, I must face the fear and let it pass through me.  In the end the fear is gone, and only I remain”.  In a similar way when negative thoughts arise, I face them and let them go.

This process can be applied to all negative thought and emotion and is key to being at peace.  If I can do this, I truly believe everyone can. So the next time an issue comes up that challenges your peace accept the emotions as they are real and realize they serve no good purpose and let them go.