I just finished the book The Art of Racing in the Rain.  The novel is an excellent piece of fiction, but the messages within are real.  Its about a man, his family, dog, and the manner in which he lived.  The story captured my heart and soul and as i write this, I feel  incredible joy.

In the book the main character is a race car driver but the story is more about  the trials and tribulations we as human beings encounter as we go through life.  The man’s wife whom he loves deary gets brain cancer and dies. Her parents sue for custody of his child and a young girl accuses him of rape.

Throughout the novel the author, Garth Stein, uses powerful metaphores that serve to remind us of the good that exists within all of us, the power of acceptance, surrender, faith, compassion & belief.  The story also makes clear that what the mind can conceive, we can achieve. We can rise above hate, negativity, and live our lives with peace of mind.

The character of the dog captured my heart, and reminded me of the power of love. Enzo was the dogs name and if he where real and could talk he would certainly teach the world to live with faith, love, patience, understanding, and forgiveness.

I found the book to a form of spiritual meditation.  It created space within my mind and heart to believe in the universe and myself. I am an avid reader, but rarely does a book affect me in such a positive way.  I suggest everyone pick up a copy and dive in.  You will be so glad you did.