Life is wonderful.  Great joy surrounds us everyday no matter what your life circumstance.  Regardless of whether or not your on vacation in Italy, just purchased a new home, are ill, in prison, getting divorced, dealing with the death of a loved one, or suffering financial turmoil.

Peace of mind comes down to this you can be happy or sad.  With sadness comes negative emotions. With joy comes positive emotions.  Negative emotions lead to sadness, frustration, illness, and pain.  Positive emotions lead to joy, happiness, peace, fulfillment, love, and health. Which would you rather have?

Health practitioners, gurus, self help books, scientists all profess that where energy goes, results show.  That is to  say is to say your emotional state sets the tone for your life.  If you live with negativity, this shows up in your life.   If you live positive thinking then your life is filled with harmony.

One way to stay positive, is to realize that the events that happened that caused negative thoughts and emotions are already over.  They occurred in the past..   What enables one to be at peace is living in the present.  Spiritual teachers call this living in the now and living in the now.   All that matters is what is going on now.