There is an old song called “Take it Easy”, and another song that has the lyrics ” you cant always get want you want but sometimes you can get what you need. The words come to me as I face a current life circumstance. While my problem is real, sometimes I take things too seriously. My ego takes control and it is hard for me to be at peace.

So today I am making the effort to take it easy on myself. I am suspending thoughts of why me, making judgements, or thinking of what should be.  By stopping these thoughts, I am putting myself at ease and giving myself a break. Rather than dwell on the problem, think negative thoughts, I am taking positive action reading uplifting and spiritual books,  meditating, writing in my journal and creaqting this blog.

I am surrendering to what is and approaching my issues with grace, patience and forgiveness. I am more than my ego and mind.  I am a spiritual being meant to live with love be at peace.  I do not want to allow negative thoughts to rule me. Rather I want to feel at ease and go along with the flow of life.

I am sharing this with the sincere desire that it helps others discover their inherent peace and joy.

May we all come to learn to follow the serenity prayer. “god grant me the serenity to accept the things we cannot change.  The power to change the things we can. And, the knowledge to know the difference”.