There are times when a person shows no respect and does something you dont like.  When this happens its ok to think a negative thought, but its important not to let it make you negative.  See it for what it is and let it go.  Dont let that negative emotion dwell within you for if you do you lose the ability to be happy and at peace. You cant control the behavior and actions of others but it is within your ability not to let it affect you or your disposition.  Negative feelings and thoughts only promote more negativity.  So see the behavior, recognize it, and move on.  If you feel the need to react try to remember to do it with a positive feeling.

For example lets say you experience road rage.  You can say to yourself or others how rude the behavior was and then remember to think, feel, or say…. perhaps the person was having a very bad day, but you dont have to. Remember that as long as you arrive safely at your destination all is good. Staying in a positive state of mind will help you to stay happy and healthy while allowing yourself to dwell in negativity only invites more negativity in to your life.  Besides taking away your happiness and peace of mind, negativity invites sickness into your life.  So dont get angry and let others behavior bring you down.

“Your attitude controls you altitude”.