This blog is an example of how to accentuate positive thoughts and minimize the negative thoughts that flow through our mind each day.

Lets say that a co-worker in the office where you work does something that bothers you. In this scenario lets say he or she blasts disco music at high volumns and this disrupts your concentration and peace of mind. It’s natural to be upset by sombody that is discurteous and shows no respect for other people in the workplace.

You have choices as to how to respond.  You could notice the negative behavior and handle the matter by telling them that it it bothers you when the music is so loud and ask them to turn it down. In this case you observe the negative behavior and respond without taking the feeling and emotion inside your mind, heart, and body.  You culd also get mad and tell them they are rude and turn it off. Then go on to say something like I dont know why everyday you have to be so selfish and inconsiderate.  In this case you are trying to change someones behavior and adding negative energy.

Rather than try force someone to change their behavior think about your options and consider positive action as opposed to negative.  You might consider asking the person to use headphones.

There are times when when a positive outcome might not be possible.  If you try to force the issue and be right, you will be thinking from the ego and using negative energy.  If you realize the the person is not going to cooperate you could just accept the situation and move on with your day.  In this case you have surrendered to what is and not absorbed negativity.  In doing this you have not let your ego run your mind or gotten angry.  In this case I suggest you buy and should go and buy a set of ear plugs.

Getting mad at someone who is not going to change their behaviour is futile and will only get you agititated. So strive for positive solutions, and let it go.