There is no good in arguing with the inevitable.  The only argument available with an east wind is to put on your overcoat  – James Russel Lowell

If a person refuses to accept whatever their current life situation happens to be the result is feeling frustration, anxiety, emotional pain, pressure, frustration, and discontentment. These feelings occur inside the body, mind, and spirit. Keeping these feelings inside leads to our ego feeding off of them and controlling our behavior so that we have no patience, get angry, say things we don’t really mean, as well as cause disease.

Acceptance of what is going on does mean you have to agree, like, or condone the situation.It just means that you are aware of whats going on.  Individuals cannot control the world or other people. People can only control what goes on within their mind. The choice is simple. Go with the flow of life, swim against the current.  The latter is not an easy thing to accomplish. There are countless obstacles and it is physically and mentally exhausting.If you have ever tried swimming in the ocean against the current or changing tide you know what I am referring to.

The bottom line is that people will do what they do and you can either accept it or fight it. Just like swimming against the current is futile so is not accepting whats going on.  If you cant accept the situation, accept that you cant.  This will help avoid the negative feelings, guilt, anger, frustration, and help to make you feel better or lighter.

Accepting what is real as well as whatever negative thoughts you have is an important element of happiness. You can be at peace and or you can bitter and angry.  The choice is yours.