The thought I think I can, is powerful.    Years ago I wanted to start a portrait business.  Everyone in the local community said I couldnt do it.  I was not good enough. There was too much competition. I did not listen.  Everyday I thought only about making it happen.  I took action and went to seminars, lectures,&  workshops.  I  went to resorts in my area and informed them of my service.  I  made a website. I invested my time, energy and spirit, and it payed off.  I created a successful portrait business, and later branched out to leading dive trips around the world, leading photo safaris and teaching photography.

I used my talent, skill, and artistic ability to make portraits that captured the love a family has. The images evoked an emotional response and made feel good and smile.  The portraits of nature and landscapes communicated the peace and beauty of our world and made people feel good. Little did I know at the time is that besides photography being my business it enabled me me to be of service to others.

My business is currently on hold due to my current life circumstance, but once my rightful freedom is restored I will continue the work I love to do.  In addition I will start something new.   I am going to speak to children about the power of positive thinking, how to deal with peer pressure, the power of belief, and how to live in the now.  I know I can do it because I think I can. I truly believe in myself and can see in my mind that I am doing it.  The universe provides what the mind thinks and believes.

My advice to all people regardless of color, age, or religion is to follow your heart.  You can create the reality you want.  Of course you will be tested.  People may tell you its not possible.  When that happens remember a long time ago people said it was not possible to fly, but the wright brothers did not pay attention and followed their internal beliefs.  Now, their are more airlines than I can count and hundred of thousands people fly everyday. Another example is Martin Luther King Jr.   He had a dream – an incredible dream that indeed manifested.

Everyone of us has the ability to be of service and of benefit to our planet. We all have unique talents, skills, and ability. The secret to manifesting what you want  is desire, intent, faith, belief, commitment,  love and internal belief.  I think I can, and so can you!