Today I was thinking about human life and how wonderful it is to be alive.  The simple things like watching the clouds float across the sky,  the majesty of a rainbow, watching children play, eating ice cream, playing fetch with the dogs, the joy of sex, and pleasure of eating my favorite foods.

Then my mind switched tack and I thought about the life of one of my favorite marine creatures.  I am a diver and love life beneath the sea. I thought about whales, sharks, schooling fish, coral reefs, and them my mind settled on one of my favorite animals, the Blue Ring Octopus.  This tiny creature lives following a prsecribed destiny.  Each day, it spends its time foraging for food, and protecting itself from being eaten. Nature has provided this animal with a weapon, a toxic poison strong enough to kill a man in fact. But it uses the weapon only for defense. It is also very good at hiding in plain sight.

I saw one of these magnificent creatures on the last dive I did.  I was a female and she had a brood of eggs.  I had never seen this before and was amazed. There must have been hundreds of tiny eggs, and she was very concerned about my presence.  She had no idea if I was a threat or not. I observed her for about 10 minutes making sure not to disturb her.

It was an incredible experience for me and also a bit sad. You see the life of an octopus is very different that of humans.  A female octopus will reproduce only once.  After mating she will not eat and once the octopus babies are hatched, she will die.

Reflecting on this has made realize that humans are lucky.  We can enjoy so many things, especially watching our babies grow and flourish. So I celebrate life and being alive.