Someone once said “I think therefore I am”.  I don’t know about you but I think I think too much to be I am.  My mind is so busy thinking about my problems and life circumstance that I have little time to just be.  I have to concentrate very hard on not thinking. I don’t mean to speak in riddles but I have become aware that sometimes the solutions to my issues or problems materialize when my mind is idle.  The voice inside my head speaks and if I am not too busy thinking I can’t hear it.  I am making the conscious effort to listen to that voice.

I have found three things which help me clear my mind and I wanted to share them. Sitting still, going for walks, and meditation.   I think most people are so busy thinking and doing, and they never just sit still.  Lately I have made the effort to do this for 10-20 minutes a day and found it works.  When I do this thoughts still come to mind. Rather than struggle or reject them I recognize them and give them my attention then do my best to let them go. I try to consider these thoughts like a passing storm.  The wind and rain come, and then they pass.

The same thing happens when I go for walks.  Thoughts come and go, but my attention is on the terrain in front of me.  I concentrate on the view and topography. I look at the patterns on the path I am walking as well as gaze at the horizon.  In this way the thoughts materialize then go. I find this practice very peaceful. My walks range from 20 – 50 minutes.

When I meditate I start with some breathing exercises, then relax. As thoughts come I don’t get frustrated but let them be.  I give them my attention, and let them float out of my mind.  If my mind is too busy I start saying affirmations or prayers to myself. In this way my attention goes away from incessant thinking and become focused then quiet.  On the occasions I continually get distracted, I say to myself I value my mediation time and wont succumb to distraction. It is not easy, but with repeated effort I am able to still my mind.  My meditation periods range from 10 -30 minutes.

I do these things every day, and it helps me quiet my mind, which in kind allows me to be I am.