It is normal to feel emotions like frustration, fear, resentment, and anger when life circumstances threaten your happiness or status quo. You cant mange other peoples actions or behavior but you can manage yours.  Let the feelings happen as they are natural. Honor and observe them and then let them go. Do not hide them away in your heart and mind as these feelings will surface later and your ego will amplify them in order to create drama.

The current of life brings change and challenges but in order to live with peace and love, you’ve got to go with the flow.  Accept what is. Surrender to what is real. Only then can you react in a manner that serves you well. Negativity begets more negativity. Love creates love.  Let compassion, peace and love guide your actions and behavior you will be much happier.

This is an important concept to wrap your head around and I write about it frequently.  This is not  just because of what I feel or what is going on for me,  but because of what I witness going on around me.  Living with love and peace is far better than living with hate and anger.