Today is my daughters fourth birthday.   I know she is sad that I was not there to celebrate, but because of my current life circumstance I could not be there. I also missed my nine year old’s birthday. It is hard to put into words the pain I feel being separated from my children.  I have two beautiful girls, and like many dads, am hopelessly in love with them.

Not a day goes by that I dont wonder what they are doing and how they are feeling regarding my unwanted absence. I want them to know that are ever-present in my heart and think about them everyday. Sometimes I cry. I pray that they do not carry around the same kind of pain being away from them has caused me. I hope that when they think of me they are not angry. I hope they can forgive me for being gone so long and for missing so many special events in their lives.

In my heart I am with them every day. But in reality I am thousands of miles away.  I so look forward to returning and reading bed time stories, spending quality time  listening to them, and to just being with them.

I know it is only a matter of time until we are re-united, and that gives me some degree of inner peace.  Meditation also helps. As does saying affirmations and prayers.  Until then, I miss them terribly and am so thankful that they are part of my life…..

I love them so…….