It rained a lot yesterday and this morning when I went for a walk I came across a large puddle.  It was about six feet long and 4 feet wide and 1 inch deep.   Looking down on it it was dirty water.  Stepping back and looking at it I saw incredible reflections.  The trees above wee reflected in the water as well as the building in the background.  A man walked by and I could see him clearly above the surface and half of his body in the reflection.   I sat and pondered at the reflection pool for about 10 minutes.  While doing it it occurred to me that much of myself is beneath the the surface.

On the outside I am a man, but inside I have feelings, emotions, and memories that are hidden. Within these memories are a collection of my past experiences both good and bad.I thought about that for a while longer and realized that in order to live with love and peace, I needed to release all the negative memories and emotions and fill the void with positive feelings.

I have spent a lot of time letting go of the negative but today I realized there was a bit more.  So I forgave myself for having those feelings, let them come to the surface and let them go.  As I did this about a dozen birds landed in the water and splashed around then took off into the sky.  I felt as if the frustrations I had had felt took off with the birds and an incredible feeling of peace filled my heart.

While my current life circumstance is not to my liking, I know it is changing. I have faith, belief, hope, peace and love and day by day its getting better.  I love myself and I love life. I will continue to practice patience, surrender, and forgiveness and make every effort to live in the present moment. As I have said before the past is over and the future has not happened yet. That is why the call the present a gift.  Seeing the reflection pool today only strengthened my spirit.  I am alive. I am with God, and I am grateful  for what I have and what is.