Today I sat outside and watched a plant. I spent 20 minutes just being still and quiet and observed the plant. Its green leaves shimmered in the slight breeze, and I thought about the beauty of life and of nature.  I contemplated what it is to be a plant and wondered what it would say to me could it talk.  The answer that came to me was simple.

The plant is alive and living in the moment.  It does not worry about yesterday or the future and enjoys each day.  A plant does not concern itself with laws of man just the laws of nature. It loves sunlight, and water. As it grows it it thrives. There is no yesterday, only the now.

A plant has no ego and holds no grudges.  It does not feel guilt, social pressure, or hate.  In the process of just being the plant produces oxygen for the benefit of our planet.

I have a lot in common with the plant as I want to enjoy each day, live in the present, and be of service to our world. How about you?