Complaining, or lashing out verbally at someone does not change anything nor improve the situation.  If anything it just produces more negativity. It’s a never ending circle.

In this moment I am surrounded by hundreds of men consumed with hate, frustration, and negative energy.  I try my best to accept the situation and concentrate on myself. I put forth effort to stay positive and not allow their energy to change mine. But sometimes, it’s too much and I want to scream.  When this happens I stop, breath, and think about how I want to act and more importantly live.  I do my best to remember the life lessons I have learned and let the negativity slip away.

As I write this I am reminded of something I heard once…… If walking in the dessert without a hat on your head and a bird flies above you and poops, it is unfortunate.  But, shit happens. It serves no purpose to complain, the bird just doesn’t care.

Each time I want to complain about my current life situation I think about this and visualize I am wearing a hat and all the negativity the men around me excrete does not soil me. It helps me hold my tongue and keep from complaining.

I know my current circumstance will change.  In time I will be in a better place.  But regardless of where I am or the external situation this lesson will stay with me. The bottom line is that what happens on the outside should not affect who I am on the inside….