Dear self,

I understand that sometimes it’s hard to live with love and peace in your heart. But you have to accept that doing anything else is self defeating.   Being angry only feeds your ego, and the result is that you behave in a manner that is not beneficial to you, or anyone else. Your ego thrives on hate, resentment, & frustration then turns that energy into negative emotion, behavior, and thoughts.  The result is that you respond to situations in a negative way.

Consider this the next time things don’t go according to your preference.  As a human being we experience emotions.  We tend to store negative feelings deep within ourselves where they linger and surface later when we experience more negative emotions.  These feelings become amplified, and our ego uses the power to control the mind and behavior.  As a result you will like behave in a manner that you will regret later.  Your actions will not serve you and will affect your relationships with family, friends, and co-workers.

There is another way, one that serves your higher self and all those around you.  The next time you feel yourself getting angry because of your life situation accept that your feelings and be grateful for them.  Accept what is going on, and realize that it is what it is.  Let the feelings flow through you and they will go away.  Realize that you can’t control how other people think or act, and you can only control how you feel, think, and act.  Now, you have the power to rise above negative emotions and take control of your life.

It is far better to be happy than mad and feel joy rather than frustration.  When others see you accept what is going on and not reacting with anger, perhaps they will start to understand and look within themselves to release their inner happiness and let go of their hate and frustrations.  In this way you can make a difference not only in how you live but set an example for others.  If everyone were to live with love and peace in their heart there would be no reason to hate, fight, or create conflict.  As time goes by this change in perspective and behavior would change the mindset of society and eliminate the need for conflict and especially war.