I used to take things like having a bed, hot shower, toilet, clean drinking water, relationships, and love for granted. But now I know better. The truth is there are millions of people without running water, electricity, a car, a closet full of clothes, shoes, kidneys that function, eyes to see, television set, or a retirement account.

Now every day when I wake up, go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, enjoy a meal, drink clean water I say I am grateful.  I have a new point of view now, and believe all people regardless of race, religion, country of origin deserve compassion.

More important we as citizens of the world should exercise compassion, understanding,  and charity.  I am not suggesting that we sell our homes and donate the money to a worthy cause, but I am suggesting people become selfless not selfish.  The more we recognize the needs of others the more we help ourselves.

In my recent travels through third world and developing countries I have seen impoverished families, that have no electricity or refrigerators in their homes, but when they see someone hungry they share what little food they have.  I have witnessed love for other people that has touched my soul and opened my heart.

In the United states I have seen people begging in the streets for food, and the people walking by tell them to get a job. While its true some of these people have drinking or drug problems the fact remains they are people, and deserve to eat.   While I don’t want want to support their addictions, the next time I see someone  hungry I will feed them.

I don’t have the material things I used to take for granted, but I do have love for people and hope this blogs inspires others to open their hearts as well as be grateful for what they have.  In this way we can all make the world a better place. I have said it before and I will say it again.  We are all one planet – one people.

May you all live with love and peace.