Things occur every day that affect our mood.  Sometimes we feel elated and other times we don’t.  The question I have is what can we do to change or control our mood so we are happy and at peace, rather than mad or frustrated. Today I tried an experiment.  I gave myself five minutes to write down as many things as I could that me feel happy immediately.  I did not even try to write down things that make me frustrated or sad.  Why bother, those are emotions I want to release not hold on to. Afterwards  I wrote them down I asked myself how I felt, and if I was in a better mood than before I started the list.   The answer for me was yes, I did feel better.  Here are a few things from my list.

1)      walking on the beach

2)      Walking in nature among waterfalls and the rain forest

3)      Swimming

4)      Scuba diving

5)      Writing my blog

6)      Reading to my kids

7)      Playing with my kids

8)      Just being with my kids

9)      Thinking of ways to make my portrait, photo workshops, thrive

10)   Thinking about a new idea for a business

11)   Meditating

12)   Looking at photographs of my family and friends

13)   Reading a good book

14)   Making love

15)   Playing with my dogs


I would now like to invite those of you that read this blog entry to make your own list and afterwards think about your mood.  Has it improved?  Do you feel better?

If the answer is yes, why not put this list somewhere you can see it often so when you feel the need, you can look at it and change your mood.

If you like reply with a few items from your list so others can see the things that you happy.