We can control our mood and state of mind by simply thinking of something that makes you happy.

Try this simple exercise. 

Imagine you are stuck in traffic, and your late getting somewhere. Right when there seems to be a change in the flow of cars, from out of the blue some jerk cuts you off and almost causes an accident.  How do you feel?

Now envision yourself sailing on a beautiful yacht.  The wind is gently blowing through your hair and the sun is about to set.  You have a glass of your favorite beverage and your making a toast to the one you love most in the world.  As you clink your glasses, a humpback whale breaches  and then a pod of dolphins start riding the bow wave jumping into air with glee.    How do you feel now?

Keep this little exercise in mind the next time your less than happy and see if you can change your mood, with the power of positive thoughts.

Wishing you all love and peace.