Today my sister sent me this valuable post written by Lori Spanga a well known specialist for communication with animals.  I read it and thought it would be perfect for people who want to live with love and peace.  Thanks Sherri for sending it and Lori for writing it.

If you are still under the false assumption that life on planet earth is difficult,troubling or challenging, then you are living in an old paradigm and it is time to upgrade your operating system!!!

Here are a few ways you can do that easily and harmoniously:

  • Set your intention to continually grow and evolve and be the best, most authentic, loving, joyful, compassionate, caring self you can be ~ with yourself and all others, including all the kingdoms of plant, mineral, animal and the Earth herself.  Practice every day asking yourself how you can love, appreciate, accept and forgive yourself and others in ways which are most harmonious.
  • Spend as much of your time and energy as possible in nature, preferably barefoot, with sincere intention to fully embrace the escalating electromagnetic fields of light and energy that are bombarding our planet. This new energy will assist you and your body to evolve and adapt to faster, higher vibrating frequencies of energy as well as allow the synapses in your brain to absorb new information which was formerly inaccessible before the emerging, escalating energies were readily accesible.
  • Practice healthy, all natural living and eating (for your pets too!) Remember: what you put into your body, be it food, thought, emotion or energy is what you become.
  • Continuously practice releasing ALL of your old belief patterns and old, warn out emotions, resentments, judgements, and other limiting beliefs.  FREE yourself internally of all lower vibrating energies, thoughts, ideas, emotions, beliefs, etc. Your biography becomes your biology! (Thank you, Carolyn Myss!)
  • Fully and completely embrace that YOU are the CREATOR of YOUR LIFE.  100%.  You are NOT a victim and YOU DO HAVE Real and Significant power to improve, change, and upgrade YOUR Life.   Even if you do not know what the best choices for you might be, recognize that there is a pure loving force and consciousness which YOU can tap into and allow it to lead you, guide and support you and love you!
  • It is time to really discover that you CAN DO ANYTHING you place your intention upon and then fill with unconditional love and gratitude for its unfoldment, even before it has shown up in your physical reality.
  • This kind of energy of love and gratitude opens the Portal into that reality and binds you to that reality.   This kind of multi dimensional thinking is what is most required of you at this time to fulfill your greatest wishes, dreams and potential.
  • Learn to see and experience EVERYTHING as if it is happening for YOUR GREATEST good.  Ask to see and understand the GIFT in everything and EVERY experience.
  • Continually upgrade your energy and activate your dormant DNA and RNA and Upgrade Your Operating System with regular and ongoing energy work.  We do this in monthly manifestation & healing circles.  As you match your energy field with the electromagnetic field of Earth, Earth’s rise in frequency will pull you along in Her wake as you entrain your energies to those of Mother Earth.

As you do these things more and more, you will become more and more entrained to the energy of the Ascending Mother Earth, and life will become more and more easy and graceful as you learn to step out of the way and allow Earth to support and assist you.  This is really ONLY a hard time for those who have not aligned with the new Ascending Earth, or those who are just beginning to learn the new ways of operating.  Life is FULL of new, rich potential!!!

All is good and one-derful as we align with the new energies and frequencies of Ascension.

Do not underestimate the significance of this transitional period, where the pardigms of reality overlap! It is time to Ascend to the NEW, Higher and Faster Vibrating Frequencies of Mother Earth, and Step into LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE EVER!