Today I watched two little boys playing with toy guns.  One was a replica of a machine gun, and the other of a pump action shot gun.  The boys ran around with care free abandon killing imaginary enemies, and defending their world.  They got down on the ground and crawled through an invisible jungle, then postured themselves as snipers. After a while they stood up and ran straight towards their enemy.  It made me thing of Rambo.

It also made me think about the world in which we live.  Why is it that guns and killing are such a popular game for young boys.  Is it just innocent play, or is there an underlying message that society is sending?  I know children are bombarded with imagery of guns in cartoons, comic books, movies, and t.v. shows so kids think nothing of this kind of play.  But what happens as they get older.  Will they come to think that vanquishing those that have different cultures, religions, skin color, or values is normal and appropriate behavior?  Does violence solve problems or create bigger problems.  

Read any news paper today and you see articles about people getting shot in the street, drive by killings, gang wars, children killing children, not to mention the threat of war in countries like Korea where the weapons are not guns, but rockets and nuclear bombs.  This makes me think that citizens of the world need to wake up. 

Rather than kill each other we should support each other after all we are all god’s children and we all live on the same planet. Imagine what would happen if everyone lived with love and peace.  Conflicts would dissolve and our energy could be put towards creating new sources of power and fuel, as well as new farming and fishing methods. 

We do not need to live in a world of fear and lack.  In fact our universe is abundant and there is enough for every culture to thrive.