Today is a brand new day so why not try something new. Try changing how you respond to people when they ask you questions like how are you today.  Instead of your normal answer say something that empowers you like I am spectacular, or I feel wonderful. See what happens to you mood and state of mind. You might just find that you are indeed spectacular.

If you find yourself getting angry towards someone, its ok to let them know how you feel but why not try saying it in a way that might help shift  your mood.  For example I am a lttle concerned as to why you say that, or perhaps you did not mean to do that. When you say negative words, your brain feels negative thoughts and you carry that within you.  Just a little food for thought.

If you make a conscious effort to be as positive as possible, you might just feel better, happier, and more vital.  Remember every day is a gift, enjoy it.