Do you remember when you were a kid how hard it was to wait for your birthday or Christmas.  Time seemed to stand still and then just like that the event you were so looking forward to happened. Afterwards you might have felt a bit down. That is until you started waiting again.

As adults we wait for our vacation, for the economy to turn around, for our relationships to improve, and for a parent to pass away and leave an inheritance.  I dont know about you but I am tired of waiting for things to improve, I want to do take action now.   I do not want to wait until there are big problems and big pain, when I can deal with things when they happen and put them to rest.

I am not waiting for the economy to improve.  Each day I take some sort of action to improve my situation.  It might be making a to do list, learning how to do something that will help me achieve my goals, placing a phone call, sending an email, or actually going to see someone and talking face to face.

I am not waiting for my relationships to improve.  Waiting will only make the issues bigger.  I want to listen, communicate, understand, forgive, and move forward.

I am not waiting until the ocean is over fished, and whales, dolphins, and sharks are extinct.  I am supporting NPO’s around the world doing presentations and raising awareness. Where energy flows results show.  We can all improve the quality of our lives, it just takes desire and commitment.

As I write this I think of the song by Tom Petty. The waiting is the hardest part.  In that song it says we don’t have to live like a refuge.  It is so true.

I am patient but I am not waiting for things to get better.  I am taking positive steps to make my life all that it can be.  Rome was not built in a day, but each day progress was made. And so it is….

How about you?  Are you committed to being happy and living with love and peace?  Are waiting or are you doing?