Have you ever tried giving advice with the best of intentions to another person and their response was based on frustration and anger, rather than appreciation for the fact that you cared and wanted to help improve a particular situation.   Sadly this occurs quite a bit. The reason is because each person has an ego.

Our egos lie dormant inside us and awaken when we feel emotions like pain, rejection, frustration, anger, resentment. When advice is given, it triggers one or more of these emotions, and just like that ego responds before a person is even aware that it is happening.  The ego loves drama, in fact it feed upon it.

When you give advice and the recipient responds with a verbal attack, one of the best things to do is to just be present in the moment.  Accept how they feel, and what they say.  Don’t feed the fire.  If you feel emotional surges based on their response and don’t let it go, your ego will awaken and the situation will only escalate.

Another way to offer advice is to choose your words very carefully.  Make sure to be as neutral and supportive as possible.  Words carry impact, and some words are stronger than others.  So by selecting words that do not light a fuse will help you communicate and not cause an eruption from the other person.

The other thing to remember is the old saying opinions are like ass holes – everybody has one….

Hopefully this advice will be well received and enable you to live with love and peace.