Have you ever considered that what you perceive others are thinking or feeling about you is actually a reflection of what you think and feel?

Perhaps it’s true the person your thinking about has bad feelings for you but the truth is you can never really know what another person is thinking.  Nor can you control what they think or fee.  You can only control how you think and feel.

So if you have these feelings, take some time and look inside your heart.  What feelings are there?  Is it envy, disrespect, dislike, anger, resentment, fear, abandonment, disappointment, or frustration? If so you need to acknowledge and release them.

The process of recognizing these feelings is the first step in letting them go.  There is nothing wrong with having these feelings. Problems start when the ego takes hold of these feelings, amplifies them and in turn takes over your emotions, actions, reactions, and behavior.  This is where damage is done.

So as soon as you realize the feelings exist, accept them do not judge them. Once this is done, they cannot feed the ego and are released.  They just go away leaving space in your heart for positive emotions.  This is one of the keys to living with love and peace.

Another way to feel at peace is to change the intensity of the emotions you feel.  For example if you are angry, could it be that you are less than content.  If you feel you have been disrespected could it be that you feel a bit miss understood?  When you change the words associated with the emotion you feel, you change its strength and that makes it so much easier to acknowledge and let go.