Couples that are married and considering a divorce need to consider the long term ramifications on their children. Young children might not be mature enough to realize that the problems their parents are having are their own, and might feel partially responsible. This is sure to have long term effects on the child. So parents, save your young ones from needless guilt and blame by communicating with them.  Let them know up front the divorce is not their fault.  Show unconditional love to the child and as much as possible never say disparaging things about the other parent. It will not help you or your child.

Make every every effort to spend quality time with children.  Just being with them lets them know you care about and love them.  This is what they need the most. It may take the kids years to understand the dynamics of relationships but letting them know are wanted and loved will only help them grow up without carrying around emotional baggage.  This is true for kids of all ages.  Keep in mind that when kids know they are loved and that they can talk to both parents about whats going on in their lives, as they become teenagers and are exposed to peer and social pressure they are better able to make the right decisions.  This could help eliminate problems  like drug abuse, alcohol use,  and teenage pregnancy from arising.

The more you love them and communicate with them when they are growing up the better prepared they will be as adults.  This will help them in their personal relationships.

So even if you dont love your spouse, make sure to love and care for your kids.