Sometimes people that care about you might give you unasked for advice.  If you can control your ego and not get upset, you might just learn something valuable.  If you can’t stay present in the moment, your ego will wake up and you will likely feel rejection, frustration, anxiety, fear, sense of loss, or anger. These emotions will not serve you well.

If your not in the frame of mind to take the advice, just listen and let it come in one ear and go out the other.  In this case a response like ” is that so” will show that you have listened and is not negative.  It shows that you respect the other persons intent but are not into pursuing the topic.

Remember this – only you can control your emotions.  Do not give that power away.  IF you let others dictate how you feel  the result will be pain.

Lastly remember you get more flies with honey……..

Hopefully this unasked for advice will help you live with love and peace.