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Can you imagine that in a single instant all that you love is taken away.  Your freedom, your family, your career, your money, your wife or husband, your children, your passion, your joy, your fun, your health, & your reputation gone in the blink of an eye. It sounds like a nightmare doesn’t it. But sadly it can and does happen every day. All over the world people are stricken with disease, or put in prison regardless of guilt.

What would you do?  How would you live. Would you be angry, resentful, scared, anxious.  Would you be able to forgive yourself or others? Would you be able to find joy in just being alive? How would you cope with all you have lost?

Could you learn to tolerate living in close proximity with murderers, rapists, human traffickers, thieves as well as rats, mice, mosquitoes, and spiders? Could you handle being surrounded by people that speak a foreign language, or the feeling of being all alone? How would you adapt to living behind bars never seeing the sun, stars, or moon, eating only rice and gruel,  being confined to a small cell,  not being allowed to call loved ones, not playing with your children?

Would you reject god as a result of your circumstance. Would anger and contempt fill your heart and days? Or, would you embrace god, and look within to find faith, hope, forgiveness, acceptance, and love?  Would you make peace with yourself and loved ones? Would you be able to resolve long standing conflicts or would you take those feelings to the grave?

These are hard questions, yet the answers are even harder. They require one to be very conscious and think beyond their ego and mind by using their heart.  It would be all too easy to blame others or even God.  Or, say to one’s self there is no God because a good God would never put me in this situation.

These are questions I have had to answer.  I was detained and am not able to share the details. However, I can say that I realized that what happened to me was not the end of my life but actually the beginning. I was given the opportunity to get my life in order. So, I decided to make the most of my time and rediscover my true self.

I wrote this entry not to recant my life story but rather to inspire people to think about life and how to live with love and peace. So how would you feel if you lost everything in the blink of an eye?  What would you do?


When you live in the present moment you are acknowledging what is, rather than what was or will be. Being present is the only way to control your feelings and emotions. When you do this your ego disappears.  When you start dwelling on your past and future issues or problems your ego is awakened and acts with vigor to rule your actions and behavior.  This can and does have negative repercussions.  So live in the moment and control your happiness.

Two people meet and start to date. During this period there is a sense of excitement.  Both people have the best of intentions and and often act the way they think will best impress the other. Men put the toilet seat down and women don’t complain when the man forgets.  After a while sex enters the picture and becomes a focal point in the relationship.  With this intimacy comes a sense of bliss.

But after a while, like a new car loses its magical smell, relationships between men and women begin to become too familiar and as a result some of the before mentioned bliss dissipates. About this time each persons inner values, mannerisms, & emotions start to surface. If couples are able to accept these aspects of their partners persona and maintain good communication their relationship has a good chance to flourish.  If not problems will start to arise This could lead to one or both to experience feelings that include a feeling of disharmony, lack of respect, or being miss understood. If these feelings are not dealt with stronger feelings like resentment, frustration, anxiety, fear, and anger are sure to follow.  These negative emotions are the doom of relationships.

The key to sustaining a relationship is good communication.  Couples should talk about their core values and beliefs to ensure they are compatible.  Relationships that thrive are based on both people being happy and feeling supported, loved, respected, understood, and fulfilled.

Those couples that discover they have different mindsets and values will be better off apart than together.  In this way they can each be happy and live a life of love and peace.


“There is a Tibetan saying: ‘When things are difficult, then let yourself be happy.’ Otherwise, if happiness is relying on others or the environment or your surroundings, it’s not possible. Like an ocean, the waves always go like that but underneath, it always remains calm. So we have the ability as well. On an intellectual level, we may see things as desperate, difficult. But underneath, at the emotional level, you can keep calm.” Dali Lama

What an inspiration to living with love and peace. Live to love and love to live.  May we all find inner and outer peace.

Pascal said, “We are never living but only hoping to live: and looking forward always to being happy, it is inevitable that we are never so.”

Being happy is a state of mind that comes from the inside. It is not the result of outside circumstances.  So many seem to think they will be happy when they get the new job, house, shiny car, e.t.c..  So they are not happy now and waiting.  Once they obtain these things more often than not they are disappointed.

Happiness is produced by internal beliefs, thoughts, and ideas.  In life we often let circumstances make us unhappy. A life situation may come up, a person may disrespect you and you might find that you react with anger frustration, resentment out of habit.  Perhaps people take life to personally. So break the habit. We all have a choice as to how we react to things that arise. We have the ability to change how we think and how we react.  It’s all a matter of attitude. So change your mindset and live happy.

Positive thinking, faith, belief, patience, and self confidence is what is needed to make your dreams become reality. Let go of disempowering thoughts.  Pay little attention to those around you that say you can’t do it, or that it can’t be done.  Success comes from doing. You may need to try many times before you ultimately succeed in your endeavors. It might take weeks, months, years, but the truth is wherever you set your intentions and whatever you believe in your heart can and will transpire.  Your thoughts and energy flow into the universe and eventually come back to you as ideas, inspiration, and ability. Sometimes the answers come when you relax and you subconscious mind is free to think.  So don’t push too hard.  Enjoy the doing.  If man can walk on the moon nothing is impossible.  So think big!

Do you ever get tired of reading or watching the news and seeing in what bad shape our world is.  Global warming, politics, war, street violence, kids killing kids, e.t.c.  It seems the press is feeding us a world of bad news.  Negative energy might sell newspapers and t.v advertising but it does not serve humanity.

We are all individual manifestations of god, and have been given the gift of life.  In that gift is the right to be happy.  But with all the negativity being dumped on us everyday, people seem to forget about the good things.  The magic of a sunset, the smile on a child’s face, walking in nature, eating ice cream, playing with dogs, snorkeling, scuba diving, flying a kite……

What would happen to our world if individuals decided not to buy into the negative spin that the media presents.  I believe that each of us can make a difference and be positive.  If enough people live with love and peace, the media will have to respond and change their attitude and style.   It is possible for the media to report wonderful things as they happen all around us each day but are not reported.

All that need to happen to ignite this change is that people need to think positive, and share that belief with other people.  As this happens a chain reaction will occur and more and more people will become positive.  At some point the tipping effect will be reached and social pressure will evoke a change in our the media and t.v. report the news.

I have quit reading the newspaper and watching the news as I do not accept the fact our world is going down the drain, that nuclear war is coming, and that there is not enough water, food, or love in the world.

Yes we do have problems. But they are man made problems and man can solve them if they have motivation. We can work together to make the world a better place. We can encourage love instead of hate.  We can push for environmental preservation rather than depleting our planets resources.   We can out our energy into education, rather than military efforts.  We can reach out to other cultures and with love end senseless violence.

The good news is that we can do this as individuals and as a society. It all starts with one person thinking they can contribute to the planet.  Small steps lead to walking , then running, and that is what is needed.  Remember where energy flows results show.

We can improve our own lives, and the lives of others.  So send the message out to the world that is good to be selfless rather than selfish.

Are you lonely?

Many people around the world feel they are alone.  Some think their nose is too big, or perhaps their ears are too large.  Some are overweight.  Some are short, some are tall.  Some have problems communicating with others, and other simply have a lot of fear.  Some are in prison, and others are on nursing homes. And then are people who have families and friends that they choose not to communicate with. There are hundreds of reasons why people feel separate.

While all these reasons are real, there is no real need for them or you to feel alone.  Here is why.  As long as you are alive there are people that care.  I know it might not seem that way but it is true.  For those that feel like they have no friends, perhaps that feeling exists only in their mind and not reality.  It just might be if they picked up the phone, wrote a letter, or even a sent an email their friends would be delighted to hear from them. There are call centers with people who volunteer their time just to talk.  There are churches and non-profit and other agencies that provide an ear to listen.  There also many blogs, and chat rooms on line in which people can communicate their thoughts, feelings, fears, and ambitions.

While there are options for people to get out of their shell, many people choose to act like a turtle and hide their head within a shell.  One of the reasons is that they have an internal set of values and beliefs that tells them they are ugly, undesirable, or unworthy.  This is an ever-present problem but the good news is it can be changed.   The solution is for them to change their personal beliefs and values from negative to positive.  Once done they can feel positive thoughts and get out of their shell.

So, how to do this.  We as fellow human beings can offer suggestions, provide books, talk to people, spend some time with these people and introduce them to new ways of thinking and feeling about themselves.

I believe that all it takes is a little help for people to gain knowledge and awareness, and then they can utilize their own mind and heart to evoke a change within.  And so, I think it would be a nice thing if people made an effort to help other people.  One person at time, we can make the world a better place and in that process enable people to feel like they are part of the human race and that they have something to contribute.  Like in a game of dominoes once the energy starts flowing, a reaction takes place.

So if you know someone who might be feeling alone or left out of life, take the time to invite them back into the world.  In this way we can all live with love and peace.

When you find yourself in a situation where another person seems to be getting you upset. Remember only you can control your emotions.  Why give them the satisfaction of ruining your bliss.  Happiness comes from inside and is not a result of what others do or say.

Love life, love your self.  Love others, and love is kind of love is powerful and you have are will attract more love to you.  You find that you meet new people and the relationships  will include intimacy, good communication, patience, acceptance, surrender, and acceptance.   With love in your heart you are a powerful force on the planet.

Live with love and peace.