Are you lonely?

Many people around the world feel they are alone.  Some think their nose is too big, or perhaps their ears are too large.  Some are overweight.  Some are short, some are tall.  Some have problems communicating with others, and other simply have a lot of fear.  Some are in prison, and others are on nursing homes. And then are people who have families and friends that they choose not to communicate with. There are hundreds of reasons why people feel separate.

While all these reasons are real, there is no real need for them or you to feel alone.  Here is why.  As long as you are alive there are people that care.  I know it might not seem that way but it is true.  For those that feel like they have no friends, perhaps that feeling exists only in their mind and not reality.  It just might be if they picked up the phone, wrote a letter, or even a sent an email their friends would be delighted to hear from them. There are call centers with people who volunteer their time just to talk.  There are churches and non-profit and other agencies that provide an ear to listen.  There also many blogs, and chat rooms on line in which people can communicate their thoughts, feelings, fears, and ambitions.

While there are options for people to get out of their shell, many people choose to act like a turtle and hide their head within a shell.  One of the reasons is that they have an internal set of values and beliefs that tells them they are ugly, undesirable, or unworthy.  This is an ever-present problem but the good news is it can be changed.   The solution is for them to change their personal beliefs and values from negative to positive.  Once done they can feel positive thoughts and get out of their shell.

So, how to do this.  We as fellow human beings can offer suggestions, provide books, talk to people, spend some time with these people and introduce them to new ways of thinking and feeling about themselves.

I believe that all it takes is a little help for people to gain knowledge and awareness, and then they can utilize their own mind and heart to evoke a change within.  And so, I think it would be a nice thing if people made an effort to help other people.  One person at time, we can make the world a better place and in that process enable people to feel like they are part of the human race and that they have something to contribute.  Like in a game of dominoes once the energy starts flowing, a reaction takes place.

So if you know someone who might be feeling alone or left out of life, take the time to invite them back into the world.  In this way we can all live with love and peace.