Do you ever get tired of reading or watching the news and seeing in what bad shape our world is.  Global warming, politics, war, street violence, kids killing kids, e.t.c.  It seems the press is feeding us a world of bad news.  Negative energy might sell newspapers and t.v advertising but it does not serve humanity.

We are all individual manifestations of god, and have been given the gift of life.  In that gift is the right to be happy.  But with all the negativity being dumped on us everyday, people seem to forget about the good things.  The magic of a sunset, the smile on a child’s face, walking in nature, eating ice cream, playing with dogs, snorkeling, scuba diving, flying a kite……

What would happen to our world if individuals decided not to buy into the negative spin that the media presents.  I believe that each of us can make a difference and be positive.  If enough people live with love and peace, the media will have to respond and change their attitude and style.   It is possible for the media to report wonderful things as they happen all around us each day but are not reported.

All that need to happen to ignite this change is that people need to think positive, and share that belief with other people.  As this happens a chain reaction will occur and more and more people will become positive.  At some point the tipping effect will be reached and social pressure will evoke a change in our the media and t.v. report the news.

I have quit reading the newspaper and watching the news as I do not accept the fact our world is going down the drain, that nuclear war is coming, and that there is not enough water, food, or love in the world.

Yes we do have problems. But they are man made problems and man can solve them if they have motivation. We can work together to make the world a better place. We can encourage love instead of hate.  We can push for environmental preservation rather than depleting our planets resources.   We can out our energy into education, rather than military efforts.  We can reach out to other cultures and with love end senseless violence.

The good news is that we can do this as individuals and as a society. It all starts with one person thinking they can contribute to the planet.  Small steps lead to walking , then running, and that is what is needed.  Remember where energy flows results show.

We can improve our own lives, and the lives of others.  So send the message out to the world that is good to be selfless rather than selfish.