Two people meet and start to date. During this period there is a sense of excitement.  Both people have the best of intentions and and often act the way they think will best impress the other. Men put the toilet seat down and women don’t complain when the man forgets.  After a while sex enters the picture and becomes a focal point in the relationship.  With this intimacy comes a sense of bliss.

But after a while, like a new car loses its magical smell, relationships between men and women begin to become too familiar and as a result some of the before mentioned bliss dissipates. About this time each persons inner values, mannerisms, & emotions start to surface. If couples are able to accept these aspects of their partners persona and maintain good communication their relationship has a good chance to flourish.  If not problems will start to arise This could lead to one or both to experience feelings that include a feeling of disharmony, lack of respect, or being miss understood. If these feelings are not dealt with stronger feelings like resentment, frustration, anxiety, fear, and anger are sure to follow.  These negative emotions are the doom of relationships.

The key to sustaining a relationship is good communication.  Couples should talk about their core values and beliefs to ensure they are compatible.  Relationships that thrive are based on both people being happy and feeling supported, loved, respected, understood, and fulfilled.

Those couples that discover they have different mindsets and values will be better off apart than together.  In this way they can each be happy and live a life of love and peace.