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Nobody is perfect.  We all make mistakes.  Many people learn from their mistakes.  Some don’t.  For some reason many people try to be perfect and when they make a mistake they take it to heart.  This affects ones state of mind and can lower self esteem.  This is a shame as mistakes are part of our life experience.  So if you have made a mistake forgive yourself.  If someone has made a mistake and caused you to feel bad, take the high road and cut them some slack and forgive them.  You will be glad you did. This will help you and the other person live with love and peace, and that is not a mistake but a blessing.

mans best friend

mans best friend

Dogs are mans best friend. They do not carry grudges and always forgive us for what we do. They are always happy to see us and love simply being around us. the way they look at us and wag their tales says it all. Love.

We are happy when around dogs, and we feel their love.  Dogs do their best to protect us and please us.Indeed they are a gift from God.

We can all  learn from these wonder creatures. Take the lesson of forgiveness. When we make a mistake and forget to take them for a walk, they do not hold a grudge.  They do not say I forgive you but will not forget what you did.  They do not feel negative emotion and carry it around like a lead weight they carry on their shoulders.  Rather they forgive us from their heart. Once forgiven the memory of our mistake is erased from their memory.  Only love remains.

Dogs do not live in the past or the future.  They live in the now.  All that matters is the present.

Dogs truly live with love and peace.

The word recreation depicts visual images of playing sports, going hiking, enjoying a picnic.  Its definition is to recreate yourself. These days our lives are so busy and stressful that we seldom take time for recreation.  However we should, as it lowers stress, and anxiety and lightens the spirit.  It allows us to maintain an even keel and stay positive.  So do something nice for yourself, and make time to relax and enjoy an activity you like.  It will do you a world of good. You will feel better, and you might just have fun!



We all have life situations that arise that cause feelings of anxiety, anguish, and frustration.  These emotions are part of life. They do not need to cause us to feel bad. But all to often they do.

Over the last few months, I have been told time and time again that something would happen that would improve my current situation.  As it turns out these have been nothing but false and empty promises.  As a result, I started to feel let down, and upset.   Then I realized that only I can control my state of mind and level of happiness. I did not want this negativity lingering any longer, so I made the decision to let it go.

I have accepted that things will not improve in the timeline I want, but I know they will improve because I have faith, belief, and the knowledge that all problems pass.  In letting go, a weight was lifted and my state of mind improved.

Everyone can apply this type of acceptance to their own situation and life circumstance. By letting  go, you might not get what you want when you want it but you can be happy and at peace.


How we think about ourselves affects how live our lives. Positive thoughts lead to happiness.  Negative thoughts lead to distress and disharmony. A high level of self esteem leads to personal success in business, relationships, and life. A low level of self esteem leads to failure in personal relationships, and professional career. If your happy and you know it, this shows to the world.  If your not happy it will show to.

Only you have the power to change your attitude and mind set.  So if your not happy change your attitude.  Rather than focus on your problems, past failures, mistake you have made, or what is wrong with other people.  Take some time and think about the success you have had in your life.  Think about some of the happy times you have had.  Build on those.  The truth is you have had succeeded in the past and have good memories, you can change your attitude about your self.  Make some goals, and use your imagination to tell your mind what it will be like to reach them.  Imagine the feelings you have, then imagine you have achieved the goals already.  Your mind will react, and your subconscious mind will set will react and provide inspiration, ideas, and and methods for you to follow, and in so doing your inner attitude and self esteem will change.

If you want a new relationship, think about all the things you feel once you have it.  Think about what your ideal person will look like.  Be as detailed as possible. For example if your a man and want to meet the right woman make a list of all the aspects of her persona that you want from the color of her hair, to her perfume.  Even her educational background, internal beliefs and values.  Then read the list to yourself everyday.  Then envision you have already met her, and your starting to date.

Your mind does not know the difference between your imagination and what is real. Your mind subconscious mind will then go to work, and provide you the means to meet this woman.  It might mean you need to take dance lessons, join the Seirra Club, learn to scuba dive, join a dating service, or volunteer in a some sort of social or church program..  The point is your mind will will guide you to take action and in doing so your attitude and self esteem will change and sooner rather than later you will meet the person you have been envisioning.

Try it, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Have you ever watched a drop of water fall into a pool?  As it hits the surface it disappears and in its place ripples extend outward.  What once was a single drop is now a series of ever expanding rings. It’s a bit like a domino effect.

On a larger scale an underwater earthquake creates a tremendous amount of energy that often turns into a tsunami.  This is a large wave that powerful and travels as fast as five hundred miles an hour and travels vast distances where it drastically meets land.  In its wake is massive destruction of property and life.

In a similar way emotions can have the same effect.  When we experience something, we feel it. This is like the ripple caused by the drop of water. The emotion is felt in our bodies, mind, and soul.  This is true for positive and negative feelings. If were able to process the feelings and let them go little if any damage is done.

However, in the case of negative emotions like lack, fear, abandonment, rejection, and anger if were not able to process the feelings and let them pass through, the negativity is stored and sooner or later the tsunami comes and destroys our spirit, state of mind, and relationships. In this case the tsunami is actually our ego and it can be our own worst enemy.

The human ego feeds on negativity and loves to use it to control our actions and behavior whether we realize it or not. When something negative happens the stored energy erupts like a volcano and creates disharmony. Without realizing what is really happening we often lash out at the people that mean the most to us. The results can be devastating.  Relationships between parents and children, lovers, spouses and co-workers can be ruined beyond repair.

There is a way to avoid the cataclysmic events, and it is to manage ones emotions and feelings. This involves making a conscious effort to forgive yourself and others, to accept others feelings even if they are different from yours, to surrender to what is going on, and to stay present in the moment.

Accepting the situation is not giving up.  It is acknowledging that you can’t control the feelings and behavior of others.  That said you can control how you feel and act. This requires practice and patience. The ego is sneaky and will arise when you don’t expect it just like an earthquake. You will feel it coming to life as a stirring in your stomach.  This is the time to acknowledge it’s presence and say to yourself thank you and so long.  Once aware your ego is acting up, your living in the present moment and the ego cant function there. It lives with past pain and emotion and does not exist in the now.

If you make the decision to live with love and peace then you will not succumb to the power of the ego. But if you live with a lot of emotional baggage in your heart, sooner or later the tsunami will come.  The choice is yours.

Why let other people dictate your state of mind?  When you have expectations from others often times you will be disappointed.  You cant control what other people, think, say, or do, but you can control what you do, think, and feel.  So do yourself a favor and think happy thoughts, and this will create a mindset of happiness.  Start each day by reminding yourself of all the good thinks you have in your life, end each day by thinking about what you are grateful for.  These two things will help shape your attitude.

It is all to easy for us to think about what is wrong with our individual realities. When we do this we dwell in a pool of negativity.  My relationship with my spouse is in turmoil, my finances are a mess, my health is poor, my job does not satisfy me, and the list goes on.

When we make the effort to think about all the aspects of our lives that are good, we put ourselves in the mindset of positivity.  This is the space we need to be in to live with joy, peace, tranquility, understanding, acceptance, and allows us to set goals, and work toward them.

For example, I am getting divorced.  Rather than dwell on the negative emotions that come up,and they do, I choose to think forward in that I know once the process is over both my spouse and I will be able to move on with our lives and live with love and peace. We will put aside our differences and concentrate on doing what is best for our kids.

I am making a conscious decision to be happy and not live with negativity.  I do not want to carry around a bundle of negativity on my back as I go through each day. I want to thrive and feel vital.

Everyone can do this as it is not rocket science.  It is a matter of attitude and desire.   As I write this I am thinking of the old charlie brown cartoon and the kid that drags around the old stinky blanket and has clouds of dust following him everywhere.

Wishing you all a great day, filled with love and peace.

Tell your kids to be themselves.  Do not mimic or copy other people. Each person is unique and has wonderful qualities within, but these qualities cannot be expressed if your too busy trying to be someone else.  Something your not.  Let your inner creativity, talent, and gifts to the world rise to the surface.

One way to do this is to listen to your inner voice rather than your friends or what actors on t.v. say.    What would it be like growing up if all the kids were the same?  Life is exciting because we are all different and unique. Another way is not to give in to peer or social pressure.  If a friend pierces their nose, or has their head colored red, does not mean its the cool thing to do.  It just means your friend is trying different things to establish their own identity.

As your kids grow up to be teenagers they will have pressure to drink, smoke, have sex, or try drugs.  Why you cant control their behavior you can teach them now to be themselves.  This will pay off in dividends as they will make good choices and you will have less grey hair. 

Kids will make mistakes.  Everyone does and it is part of the human experience.  However its important to know that we are not our mistakes.  Realize that people learn from their mistakes and be better for it.

As always your thoughts and comments are welcome.

Remember back when you were a child and how much you looked forward to birthdays and Christmas and then just like that the special days were over and gone, and you went back to waiting.  Some people say that anticipation for a moment is always better than the moment.

As an adult you might experience a similar pattern of waiting. Looking froward to the big promotion, getting a new car, or going on vacation.  While it is good to have goals and to look forward to certain events it is importnat to remember to live and enjoy life now.

The future has not happened yet but life is going on all around you now.  So make the most of everyday.  Rather than dream to live – live to dream.  Meaning enjoy the moment, make the most of it, and think big.  There is nothing wrong with dreaming of the future because when you do those things your doing it now.

Remember life is full of moments like today.

If you have tuned into a daytime soap opera you have seen pretty people whose lives revolve around drama and being selfish. Each episode is chocked full of problems, anger, discontent, jealousy, dishonesty, and pain.  It is never ending with one problem following another.  The actors seem to follow the doctrine that life is all about me…

When you think about it do these characters ever seem to be happy?  What would happen if the script changed and the actors lived with happiness, love and peace rather than drama, suffering, and pain?  Could it be that they would become selfless rather than selfish?  Imagine if the script enabled the characters to solve real problems like world hunger, pollution, dirty water, illegal fishing, solving the energy crisis, helping the homeless, and global warming.

Now think about your life.  Are you a drama queen?  Are you so rapt up in your own problems that you have no time for others or to be charitable?  What would it take for you to adopt new attitudes and goals.  We are all human beings, and we are all connected.  Think about it……

Change comes one person at a time and with positive change we all benefit.  Now imagine what the world would be like if we all lived with love and peace.  The great thing about imagination is that it creates possibilities.  It stimulates our minds and in turn our hearts.