How we think about ourselves affects how live our lives. Positive thoughts lead to happiness.  Negative thoughts lead to distress and disharmony. A high level of self esteem leads to personal success in business, relationships, and life. A low level of self esteem leads to failure in personal relationships, and professional career. If your happy and you know it, this shows to the world.  If your not happy it will show to.

Only you have the power to change your attitude and mind set.  So if your not happy change your attitude.  Rather than focus on your problems, past failures, mistake you have made, or what is wrong with other people.  Take some time and think about the success you have had in your life.  Think about some of the happy times you have had.  Build on those.  The truth is you have had succeeded in the past and have good memories, you can change your attitude about your self.  Make some goals, and use your imagination to tell your mind what it will be like to reach them.  Imagine the feelings you have, then imagine you have achieved the goals already.  Your mind will react, and your subconscious mind will set will react and provide inspiration, ideas, and and methods for you to follow, and in so doing your inner attitude and self esteem will change.

If you want a new relationship, think about all the things you feel once you have it.  Think about what your ideal person will look like.  Be as detailed as possible. For example if your a man and want to meet the right woman make a list of all the aspects of her persona that you want from the color of her hair, to her perfume.  Even her educational background, internal beliefs and values.  Then read the list to yourself everyday.  Then envision you have already met her, and your starting to date.

Your mind does not know the difference between your imagination and what is real. Your mind subconscious mind will then go to work, and provide you the means to meet this woman.  It might mean you need to take dance lessons, join the Seirra Club, learn to scuba dive, join a dating service, or volunteer in a some sort of social or church program..  The point is your mind will will guide you to take action and in doing so your attitude and self esteem will change and sooner rather than later you will meet the person you have been envisioning.

Try it, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.