mans best friend

mans best friend

Dogs are mans best friend. They do not carry grudges and always forgive us for what we do. They are always happy to see us and love simply being around us. the way they look at us and wag their tales says it all. Love.

We are happy when around dogs, and we feel their love.  Dogs do their best to protect us and please us.Indeed they are a gift from God.

We can all  learn from these wonder creatures. Take the lesson of forgiveness. When we make a mistake and forget to take them for a walk, they do not hold a grudge.  They do not say I forgive you but will not forget what you did.  They do not feel negative emotion and carry it around like a lead weight they carry on their shoulders.  Rather they forgive us from their heart. Once forgiven the memory of our mistake is erased from their memory.  Only love remains.

Dogs do not live in the past or the future.  They live in the now.  All that matters is the present.

Dogs truly live with love and peace.