You cant see air but it sustains your life. You cant exist without it.  Love is also invisible and it is the quality that brings peace, happiness, fulfillment, joy, belonging, and meaning to your life.  You can live without love but why would you want to.  Without love your heart while it pumps blood to sustain life, would be barren.  With love your heart is full and that motivates you to be selfless rather than selfish, happy rather than sad, complete, rather than empty, and giving without the need to take.

Love is more than what you have for your children, spouse, & dogs. Love is the strongest power in the universe and it dwells within each and every human being and creates all that is good within this world.  Love is more than an emotion, it is the essence of life.

Love does not see color, race, old or young, and it does not care about your religion.  Love is not prejudice.  Love is not the result of outside circumstance, it comes from within.  Love is more powerful than money yet it brings richness into your life, and the lives of all people – everywhere.  Love concurs hate. In fact it erases it.

Love to live, and live to love,  What a concept.  So love yourself, love your neighbor, and love your enemy.  If we could all love he world would be heaven on earth.  So let the love in.