After a daunting rain, a rainbow appears and brings with it beauty and inspiration.  People experience turbulent times but they pass and its wake comes peace and happiness. Thus is the rhythm of life.  If not fo th hard times, good times would not be cherished or appreciated. If not for the mistakes people make thee would be ignorance as it is through mistakes that we learn, grow, & understand that life is joyous. True richness emanates from love that exists within all of us.

Everyone at some point exercises poor judgement and makes bad decisions. Some are expensive in terms of finances or emotional turmoil. It is the people that are present enough to look within themselves, as opposed to outside that are able to learn forgiveness that profit from all their life experiences.

Surrender, letting go, and forgiveness are not easy lessons to master.  This is because they carry such a negative charge, and a state of mind that feeds the ego.  Those that are blind to the power of the ego cannot see that their actions and behavior are not self serving but are destructive qualities that serve no purpose. Many of these people suffer from a victim mentality and if they could somehow reach beyond it could end their own misery.

life is meant to be wonderful just like a rainbow after the rain.  We should encourage all people to look within themselves in order to see the full spectrum of life.  I this way everyone could live with love and peace and deal positively with all of lifes circumstances.