Today I observed a group of ants working together to take a dead bee back to their nest.At first there was one ant, and it found the bee and without hesitation started pulling it towards its nest.  And then there was another, and another, and within minutes there were too many to count.  I was amazed at their strength and determination. Progress was slow at the beginning but as more ants came and helped, the pace increased. It was amazing to see how fast these ants were working. Just like that they disappeared around the corner and into a crack in the base of the wall.

As I watched, it seemed to me that there was a life lesson to be learned. One person can make a difference with steadfast belief and determination. However when a community gets involved it seems the progress of their efforts is unstoppable.

I wonder and imagine what would happen the world community were able to pull together and use their combined strength and beliefs to help feed the world, provide water that is safe to drink, educate the youth of the world, end political corruption, manage the worlds natural resources, end pollution, develop new sources of energy, end the dependence we have for oil, stop illegal fishing, stop shark finning, purge racial and religious prejudice, and control green house gas emissions.  Any and all of these actions would change the world and make it a better place for everyone, and everything. In this way we could as a world community live with love and peace.