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Tiny bubbles

Moisture from the night’s rain collected on the leaf of the flower. I noticed it as I was letting the dog out to do his business.  The water drops sticking to the leaf in such a random pattern captured my attention and I thought each drop of water was unique and special.  Some are big and others small, but what they have in common is that they exist for the moment, but soon will disappear.

Then it struck me that, people too are all unique and special.  Some are big and small are small.  What we have in common is that we exist here in the now.  The past and future do not matter.  All that is important is this moment.

Have a great day!


When a long term relationship ends people always say they are sorry. While it seems to be an appropriate response, one might also say congratulations. The reason being what you had is over and now the healing can take place.  This is a process that includes forgiving your partner as well as yourself and learning to manage your ego.

Contrary to public opinion it does not have to take a long time to be able to forgive. However, as long as people cling to their pain they are anchored in the past and are not be able to live in the present. Being present is the key to love and peace.  We have all heard that the past is over, the future has not happened yet, and now is all we have. That is why the present is a gift.  Well those words are true.  The way one gets from having pain and living in the past to erasing the pain and living in the present is through forgiveness.

What is required to heal, is a change of attitude in your heart, mind, and soul.   As soon as that happens, just like a switch being turned on you will see the light. True forgiveness gets rid of all the pain.  It allows for love and peace to enter. Where there was once negative energy now positive energy can enter. This will change your entire mindset.

Speaking of mindset, the way to stay in a peaceful and happy state  is to manage your ego. To do this you need to become aware when your ego starts stirring up emotions inside.  During these moments it is common to feel something going on in the body.  It may feel subtle like butterflies in your tummy or or it could pronounced like the onset of acid reflux, but what it is, is your ego waking up and starting to take control.  The best way to keep that from happening is to be present enough that at the moment you realize their is an emotional feeling stirring you recognize it.  Just the knowing that the ego wants to unleash itself, is enough that you actually remove its power. Think of the feeling as an alarm clock or light switch and turn it off.

So now you have gone from dwelling in the past, to living in the present and can live the life you deserve. A life of love and peace.

Remember that having pent up anger, frustration, and other emotions hidden in the confines of your heart serves no purpose and is like carrying  around old emotional baggage. As long as it is in your heart it will recreate itself as often as possible and affect your behavior, and happiness.  When you recognize what you felt (past) and are able to let it go, surrender to what is real (now), and  not give in to what exists in your mind of what if’s….. (Future),  you will be in control of your life and emotions.

Rather than live in a shallow pool of negativity, dive deep into the ocean of hope and possibility. When your heart is full of love and peace it attracts the same thing.  When you love yourself, it shows and serves to attract love. So rather then feel down that your relationship as ended.  Celebrate it for the good times, and move on.  Know that when your ready, someone new will come into your life.



The water in this river flows from point A to B.  Along the way it passes through calm periods, and rapids.  Life is the same way.  We have periods where everything seems to go smooth, then other times when problems are ever-present  This is the nature of life.

On the river there are places called holes.  This where a small body of water stops flowing and stays in one place.  There are often currents that spin the water round and round called eddies.   Other times the current stops and the water just stands and stagnates.  This is another good metaphor that explains life.  Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and we seem to go nowhere. Only by changing our state of mind, how we feel, and how we interact with others can we get unstuck, and move forward on our journey.

Just like the river has rocks and obstacles, so do we.  We have speed bumps, work and relationship issues, financial worries, health issues, and community problems that rise up from out of nowhere.  By facing these issues and working through them, the dissipate and lead us into periods of calm, beauty, and love.

My daughters are 4 and 9 years old.  A few weeks ago their grandma gave them each a Barbie Doll.  My kids have not suffered from lack of toys, activities, or attention.  That said I have not given them toys that I feel give the wrong message.  I believe certain toys reflect the effectiveness of advertising and mass media.  The Barbie dolls are a prime example as I felt they did not project the idea that kids come in all shapes and sizes and not all have long hair, and the latest fashions.

However I have to say, my kids played with the dolls for hours the night the dolls  were given. I was amazed how the girls got lost in a world of their own wonderful imaginations. They created an ice skating show, fashion show, roller skating show, and they even shared clothes, boots, hair brushes, e.t.c.  I literally sat for 2 hours and was enthralled as they kept creating more ways to play.

I enjoyed seeing their expressions, smiles, and hearing their laughter and the monologues that came with each doll scenario they created.  It was a joy to witness their imaginations at work.  The girls had so much fun, and I have to admit that while I still think certain toys, and television shows give kids the wrong message, watching my girls play with their Barbie dolls I realized that their is more to them just having a pretty face, they actually can teach kids important values that include sharing, caring, and helping others.

So now I have a more open mind, and a happy heart.  This experience has shown me that it is good to be flexible in terms of forcing my internal beliefs onto my kids.  Moreover, it is good to let them play and discover their world.

flower 2 for blog Mother nature has created countless forms of beauty, like this flower.  While in bloom now it wont stay this way for long as it continues its life cycle of rejuvenation and growth.  So take a moment to enjoy the color and texture because it does not last.  But it does return.

This is a good life lesson for humans as we too have periods of growth, rebirth, and rejuvenation. There are storms that threaten the flower, and sunny days that nurture it.   Change is constant, and we must embrace not only the moment now, but the things to come.

Everyone has problems, that is a part of life.  We have periods of joy, sadness, love, pain, acceptance, rejection, and peace of mind.  By taking a moment to enjoy and appreciate the beauty in life, like this flower, we can shift our attitude and focus  and experience gratitude, compassion, and maintain a positive attitude regardless of what storms arise.

Remember you attitude controls your altitude.

So regardless of your life circumstances now, take a moment to enjoy the good things that are ever-presant in your life and often times overlooked.

Wishing you all a great day full of love and peace……..

flowershadowfor bolgLife contains periods of light and darkness. Mixed in among them are the shadows.   Photographers and artists love the shadows as it is the shadows that create contrast, dimension, depth, feeling, and emotion in paintings and photographs.  They are key elements to effective story telling.

Shadows have another meaning when thinking about the ego, human behavior, and emotions.   In this sense there are feelings, and emotions stored inside, that may affect how you deal with and respond to what is happening in your current life experience. These are hidden emotions  which can be the catalyst that promote self doubt, lack of confidence, anger, resentment, poor decision making, e.t.c..  The good news is that if we are aware and living in the moment, shadows serve to help us recognize our emotions stirring.

Recognizing these feelings as they are happening provides us the opportunity to deal with our issues in a positive manner serving the needs of everyone involved.  The alternative is to let the emotions inside awaken the ego and allow it to take control. When this happens things are often said and done in reaction without having taken a moment to think things through.

Life is full of fleeting moments. Change is ever-present.  Make the most of your life experiences.  Learn from your mistakes and cherish your successes. Believe in yourself, and never give up faith. Live like there is no tomorrow and remember the famous verse……All we are is dust in the wind.

Live your life with love and peace

It is a fact that emotional turmoil, feelings of anger, frustrations, resentment, and disappointment are caused by our own internal response to outside stimuli and life circumstance. Simply put we create them ourselves. We do this through how we interpret situations, how we assume what others think, and most of all our level of self esteem.  What were doing is reacting to outside factors.   This causes tension and negative emotions to arise within us.  If people  can learn to control their response and maintain a relaxed state of mind the feelings of frustration, anger, e.t.c., will not materialize.  The bottom line is that if people can relax and not take things so seriously they will avoid tension an negative emotions and as a result will be happy and able to live a life of love and peace.

laughing is good medicine.  Humor has been proven to improve health,  and lighten stressful situations.  So laugh a little, it will do you good.

If you look you can find things that are funny it just requires a bit of effort.  Some may find humor viewing late night tv talk shows like Real time, the Daily show, tonight show, e.t.c., but you can also find it in books.

I just read the “one hundred year old man who climbed out the window and disappeared”.  The book was so funny I laughed out loud and could not put it down.  After reading it I had a smile on my face all day.

You can also search for jokes on the internet. A joke a day is good for the soul and laughter is good for your state of mind.

It does not really matter where you find humor, what matters is that you laugh and take a moment to forget your troubles and smile……..


When you think your having a hard time in your life.  Take a minute and realize that no matter how difficult your current life circumstance is Somebody else has it worse.  Perhaps a lot worse.  So be grateful for whatever is going on.  Try to remember that your problems will pass and that you will remain.  Look for the lesson in your situation.  Look at the problem as an opportunity to grow and expand your horizons.  Consider that it is through difficult times and mistakes that we learn who we really are , and what is really important. Try to rise above your ego, and be selfless.  Look at the situation from outside yourself.  If you see that you could have handled things differently keep that in mind, so if the situation should rise again you handle  it differently.

This is how we learn and grow into our true selves.  Remember we life does not come with a manual and you have to learn as you go.  Perhaps this will help make the hard times lead to good times.