When you think your having a hard time in your life.  Take a minute and realize that no matter how difficult your current life circumstance is Somebody else has it worse.  Perhaps a lot worse.  So be grateful for whatever is going on.  Try to remember that your problems will pass and that you will remain.  Look for the lesson in your situation.  Look at the problem as an opportunity to grow and expand your horizons.  Consider that it is through difficult times and mistakes that we learn who we really are , and what is really important. Try to rise above your ego, and be selfless.  Look at the situation from outside yourself.  If you see that you could have handled things differently keep that in mind, so if the situation should rise again you handle  it differently.

This is how we learn and grow into our true selves.  Remember we life does not come with a manual and you have to learn as you go.  Perhaps this will help make the hard times lead to good times.