What you think about will become your reality.  This is true when it comes to finding or not finding a parking space, or when it comes to health.   If you think your getting sick, guess what you will get sick.  If you think traffic is bad and your going to be late.  Guess what it will be bad and you will be late.  But, what if your thinking positive.   For example, next time you go shopping say to yourself and visualize that as you arrive someone will be backing out of the best parking spot and you will be able to simply pull in.

I recently had a meeting with a owner of a shopping center.  I came up with an out of the box idea, that would benefit both the land owner and myself.   There are a myriad of reasons why this idea would not work, but I am not going there.  Instead I am thinking, and visualizing that the land owner and I make an agreement, and a new income source is developed for both of us.  I should find out the news this week if the land owners and his partners agree.

I acknowledge there is a huge difference between getting a good parking place and opening a new business, but the process of positive thought verses negative thought is the same. And so until such time as the idea is rejected, I am thinking and visualizing it is accepted and by mid November I will open a new art gallery featuring island scenic and nature photography.  I will certainly write a post to let people know how things pan out.