I thought this blog post was excellent. This time of year there are many people who have no family to celebrate the holidays with. Some have shut themselves in and interact with the outside world (people) as little as possible. The numbness they know is better than getting rejected or opening their their hearts as they are afraid of more pain. To these people I say this…… ” The past is over and need not be relived. The present is what we have now, so take a chance and live. Take a risk and do something new. Donate your time for a worthy cause or charity, take dance lessons, join a local group like social media, Mac or PC users, photography club, sierra club. Put yourself out their and little by little you will make new friends and extend your comfort zone. You might even have fun or meet someone special. One thing is for sure you will never know until you try.

Passion For Truths

“The most difficult step is to acknowledge that you do not know the way. Every human ego contains pride, which often shuts you off from the flow of love, so you have to let go of your pride. This is what you do when you connect with the wounded and vulnerable child within yourself, and that is a deeply spiritual thing to do.

By recognizing the core of your vulnerability, you are actually coming closer to other people. By becoming aware of your own wounded child within, you are also seeing it in the eyes of other people. Truly embracing your own darkness, your own vulnerability, builds a bridge between you and other people. It naturally creates compassion and understanding in your heart.

When you are inside the ego, you tend to judge and criticize other people. You need to do this to maintain your identity. But when you look…

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