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Some people seem to always have a drama going on.  They go from one crisis to another and do not seem happy unless they are dealing with problems. Other people have realized that they could be right or they could be happy.  These folks make the choice not to let the little things bother them.  They have learned that being happy and not caring around ego and negative emotion allows them to stay in a positive and grateful mindset.  This is where living with love and peace becomes a way of life.  This image was created by Douglas Hoffman



Today spend some time cleaning your room and house.  Get rid of things that don’t use or need anymore.  Lighten your load.  Give old clothes and household items to the less fortunate people in your community. There are people out there with less than you, and they will appreciate your kindness and generosity. Remember giving without expectation of return is true charity.

Do the same thing with yourself.  Take some time to look inside your heart.  Throw away the memories and pain that does not serve you. Why take the past into the coming year. Just let it go.  Acknowledge those feelings and then discard them.  There is no reason to store them anymore.

In this way you can start the new year fresh, and with a new perspective and outlook. You are now in a positive mindset and living with love and peace

I know this works because I have done it. As a result I am much happier, and grateful for all that I have.  I and all those around me notice the difference in my outlook, attitude, and behavior.  If I can do this I know everyone can do it too.  So if your house is a mess – clean it up!  You will be glad you did.

The word recreation depicts visual images of playing sports, going hiking, enjoying a picnic.  Its definition is to recreate yourself. These days our lives are so busy and stressful that we seldom take time for recreation.  However we should, as it lowers stress, and anxiety and lightens the spirit.  It allows us to maintain an even keel and stay positive.  So do something nice for yourself, and make time to relax and enjoy an activity you like.  It will do you a world of good. You will feel better, and you might just have fun!



When you find yourself in a situation where another person seems to be getting you upset. Remember only you can control your emotions.  Why give them the satisfaction of ruining your bliss.  Happiness comes from inside and is not a result of what others do or say.

We can control our mood and state of mind by simply thinking of something that makes you happy.

Try this simple exercise. 

Imagine you are stuck in traffic, and your late getting somewhere. Right when there seems to be a change in the flow of cars, from out of the blue some jerk cuts you off and almost causes an accident.  How do you feel?

Now envision yourself sailing on a beautiful yacht.  The wind is gently blowing through your hair and the sun is about to set.  You have a glass of your favorite beverage and your making a toast to the one you love most in the world.  As you clink your glasses, a humpback whale breaches  and then a pod of dolphins start riding the bow wave jumping into air with glee.    How do you feel now?

Keep this little exercise in mind the next time your less than happy and see if you can change your mood, with the power of positive thoughts.

Wishing you all love and peace.


There are many things that make me happy.  Playing with my kids,  romping around with my dogs, eating ice cream, enjoying Mexican food, and hiking through the rain forest.  However there is one activity that is my bliss.  Its scuba diving.  The joy I feel simply being underwater is incredible.  I love witnessing the marine life and ocean topography.  My favorite aspect of diving though is the light.   Sunlight drifts down from above and shimmers in the water column and dances on the sandy bottom.  When ever I see this, I glow from the inside of my heart and feeling is magical.

When times are rough and challenging rather than dwell on negative things, I think about how I feel when underwater.  The positive erases the negative and I am again living with love and peace.  My hope is for everyone to find out what their bliss is, and call upon it when ever feeling blue. It feels good and is less calories than ice cream.