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Sometimes what we think and feel about other people are a reflection of feelings we have inside.  Do you love yourself.  Do you forgive yourself. Do you love other people?  Are you in a happy relationship?  Are you a good listener?  Everything starts inside, and grows outward.  Think about this the next time you say you hate someone.



flowershadowfor bolgLife contains periods of light and darkness. Mixed in among them are the shadows.   Photographers and artists love the shadows as it is the shadows that create contrast, dimension, depth, feeling, and emotion in paintings and photographs.  They are key elements to effective story telling.

Shadows have another meaning when thinking about the ego, human behavior, and emotions.   In this sense there are feelings, and emotions stored inside, that may affect how you deal with and respond to what is happening in your current life experience. These are hidden emotions  which can be the catalyst that promote self doubt, lack of confidence, anger, resentment, poor decision making, e.t.c..  The good news is that if we are aware and living in the moment, shadows serve to help us recognize our emotions stirring.

Recognizing these feelings as they are happening provides us the opportunity to deal with our issues in a positive manner serving the needs of everyone involved.  The alternative is to let the emotions inside awaken the ego and allow it to take control. When this happens things are often said and done in reaction without having taken a moment to think things through.

In this journey of life there are many lessons.  Among the most important is forgiveness.  It is not an easy concept to actualize as our ego thrives on past pain, turmoil, conflict, fear, lack, heartbreak, rejection, disappointment, anguish, and anger.  The feelings and emotion stem from our childhood, life circumstance, behavior, divorce, illness, social interaction, and expectations that were not met.  Our subconscious mind uses these feelings as fuel to dictate negative thoughts about others as well as ourselves. As a result many people  suffer. Negative emotional baggage affects behavior and the mind of the individual as well as society.  This is evidenced when families and siblings fight amongst each other,  school year fights, married couples get divorced, the abundance of gang wars, as well as wars between countries.

The process of forgiveness starts with within.  In order to live with peace and love, we must all learn to forgive ourselves. Only then can we forgive others.  The process of forgiveness demands self and societal introspection. We must acknowledge the past pain, and forgive it. Once done we can truly be at peace.

Take the time to inventory what past pain you carry beneath the surface. Item by item forgive yourself for the situation, the person that caused the pain and for whatever pain you may have caused. This is a cleansing process that removes negativity and makes space for positivity.

The process works and can bring peace to individuals as well as societies around the world. Through forgiveness hate is gone, and peace thrives. No matter what race, religion, color, sex, age, or language we all want the same basic thing – to live in peace and love our families and to be happy.

Indeed forgiveness requires effort, belief, action, and faith. The reward is peace and it so worth the effort.

So take the time to forgive, you will be glad you did.