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Sometimes what we think and feel about other people are a reflection of feelings we have inside.  Do you love yourself.  Do you forgive yourself. Do you love other people?  Are you in a happy relationship?  Are you a good listener?  Everything starts inside, and grows outward.  Think about this the next time you say you hate someone.



They say that good things come to those that wait. However most of us live in a world where we want it now.  Waiting is not an option, and like the song by Tom Petty says “waiting is the hardest pat”. So our culture has created on line shopping, Fed Ex, fast food, instant rice, and microwave dinners.

Many people are waiting for things to get better, or for something to happen.  Some are tired of waiting and become impatient. This often leads to frustration, anxiety, and anger.  Others are just waiting for things to happen, and say things will be better once what-ever they are waiting for suddenly happens. Many people are waiting to be free from prison, and from their disease. I get it.  I really do.  I find myself waiting too.  Waiting for the kids to get ready, waiting for the Dr., to see me e.t.c..

Waiting is a fact of life.  That said we don’t have to become complacent.  We can take action now to ease the waiting.  For example, I write this blog in an effort to be of service to others now. I do research and learn about how to make a business I want to start happen.  Learning about meditation, spiruality, being at peace, how to manage emotions and ego.  These things may take a while but each day I am learning, doing, and making what I want to happen possible.

Some people are waiting for society to wake up and start caring about the environment, until global warming has reached the critical point, or until improper fishing practices, and pollution affect the sea to the point where our fisheries are beyond the point of no return.  I think you get the idea. 

While I do not have the answer to these problems I do believe that if individuals get involved, and get education, they are able to take some sort of action and if enough people get busy, the waiting will be over.  The tide will turn and society will change.  Remember “where energy flows results show.”

So not matter what your waiting for, you can do something.  Doing nothing will only make the waiting seem longer and more intolerable.


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