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It is that time of year again where stores force their employees to work like dogs, in order to sell us well – everything.   Some stores are selling certain things on sale, so you pay normal prices on the things you really want.  They figure since it is 2 AM and their are hundreds of people frantically rushing through the isles to take advantage of the great sale prices before the item is out of stock.  When it comes to the items that are not on sale the stores hope you just say to yourself well I am here I may as well buy it anyway…..

On one hand you got to love the capitalism.  These companies are trying to survive in troubled times  and want to make hay while the sun shines….  I get it.  On the other hand, many of these companies seem too aggressive with their extended hours and repetitious emails.   Last November, I saw some stores advertise they would be open 72 hours straight for our shopping convenience.  Perhaps its just me but with t.v., internet, and social media it feels like were already exposed to much advertising and spin.

Don’t misunderstand, I have the holiday spirit. I just think as a culture we need to evaluate our values.  Just as an example what if instead of printing and airing only advertising to sell fast food, cars, clothes, perfume, e.t.c., networks, newspapers, cable, and radio stations aired an appropriate number of community service type commercials so people could give back something rather than just take.  Just mentioning the different kinds of places people can volunteer their time, different projects going on, committees of citizens working to make better policies, after school functions, big brothers  sisters, e.t.c., could have a huge impact. We need to do this at a grass roots level, however if you have a different mindset no worries.  Rather than thinking local,  think global.

the path to peace

the path to peace

Is there one thing you can do to make our planet a better place.  It could be as simple donating to a water, food, or health related NPO.   The optimist in me sees so much potential to help preserve & conserve our natural resources, educate the world population, and promote values of love, forgiveness, and acceptance .  Where energy flows results show and I am sure giving your time, energy, and love will have a positive impact.  One person at a time we can make a difference.

With aloha

Still waters run deep

Still waters run deep


My daughters are 4 and 9 years old.  A few weeks ago their grandma gave them each a Barbie Doll.  My kids have not suffered from lack of toys, activities, or attention.  That said I have not given them toys that I feel give the wrong message.  I believe certain toys reflect the effectiveness of advertising and mass media.  The Barbie dolls are a prime example as I felt they did not project the idea that kids come in all shapes and sizes and not all have long hair, and the latest fashions.

However I have to say, my kids played with the dolls for hours the night the dolls  were given. I was amazed how the girls got lost in a world of their own wonderful imaginations. They created an ice skating show, fashion show, roller skating show, and they even shared clothes, boots, hair brushes, e.t.c.  I literally sat for 2 hours and was enthralled as they kept creating more ways to play.

I enjoyed seeing their expressions, smiles, and hearing their laughter and the monologues that came with each doll scenario they created.  It was a joy to witness their imaginations at work.  The girls had so much fun, and I have to admit that while I still think certain toys, and television shows give kids the wrong message, watching my girls play with their Barbie dolls I realized that their is more to them just having a pretty face, they actually can teach kids important values that include sharing, caring, and helping others.

So now I have a more open mind, and a happy heart.  This experience has shown me that it is good to be flexible in terms of forcing my internal beliefs onto my kids.  Moreover, it is good to let them play and discover their world.

laughing is good medicine.  Humor has been proven to improve health,  and lighten stressful situations.  So laugh a little, it will do you good.

If you look you can find things that are funny it just requires a bit of effort.  Some may find humor viewing late night tv talk shows like Real time, the Daily show, tonight show, e.t.c., but you can also find it in books.

I just read the “one hundred year old man who climbed out the window and disappeared”.  The book was so funny I laughed out loud and could not put it down.  After reading it I had a smile on my face all day.

You can also search for jokes on the internet. A joke a day is good for the soul and laughter is good for your state of mind.

It does not really matter where you find humor, what matters is that you laugh and take a moment to forget your troubles and smile……..


The word recreation depicts visual images of playing sports, going hiking, enjoying a picnic.  Its definition is to recreate yourself. These days our lives are so busy and stressful that we seldom take time for recreation.  However we should, as it lowers stress, and anxiety and lightens the spirit.  It allows us to maintain an even keel and stay positive.  So do something nice for yourself, and make time to relax and enjoy an activity you like.  It will do you a world of good. You will feel better, and you might just have fun!



There are people that are frustrated, discourteous, rude, selfish, full of hate, and anger. When these people come into my proximity, I used to pick up on their feelings and soon I felt them too.  I did not like the way I felt and decided to manage my feelings.  I realized I could not be responsible for other peoples behavior but I could manage mine.

So I decided that when someone acted in a way that affected my happiness I would change the way I see them as well as hear them.  I envisioned their heads changing shapes into a watermelon, raisin, and even a rat. I changed their voice to into a cartoon character.  Depending on the person I chose the voice  of the teacher from the old Charlie Brown cartoon, or the voice of  the dog in the Scooby Doo cartoon.  As a result nothing these people say bothers me, and I just smile.  My happiness remains, and that helps me live with love and peace.

So I invite you to try this idea, and think of things that make you smile. It just might help you manage your anger too.

I realize that what I feel inside controls my happiness.Fortunately most of the time my feelings are happy.  I love life, and being alive.  I feel joy in watching the sky and observing nature. Still sometimes as a result of my current circumstance, I am exposed to people that are angry, frustrated, full of hate, and have no respect. When this happens my feelings trigger my ego and my behavior changes and I feel frustration.  I have decided to try something new when this happens again.  I will visualize the people acting this way as animated objects and how they would appear if looking into a distorted mirror at an amusement park.  I will see their heads as big as watermelon, and their mouths as small as a green pea.  The same kind that was put under the princesses bed in a famous children’s story. Hopefully this will make me laugh or smile and forget about the negativity that is coming my way. Only I can control how I feel and I strive not to allow others to change my attitude.

I hope this technique works and hope that others might benefit from thinking silly thoughts to maintain their state of mind and enable them to live with love and peace.

Blessings to all and as always your thoughts and comments are welcome