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Sometimes life circumstance creates stress, pressure, and self doubt.  When this happens take a self inventory.   Write down all that is good in your life.  All that you are grateful for and what qualities you have that you like.  Then write down all that is wrong.  Then compare the list.  Once done you will likely find out there is more good than bad.  You will also see the areas you need to concentrate on.  This will help you get moving forward.

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In this journey of life there are many lessons.  Among the most important is forgiveness.  It is not an easy concept to actualize as our ego thrives on past pain, turmoil, conflict, fear, lack, heartbreak, rejection, disappointment, anguish, and anger.  The feelings and emotion stem from our childhood, life circumstance, behavior, divorce, illness, social interaction, and expectations that were not met.  Our subconscious mind uses these feelings as fuel to dictate negative thoughts about others as well as ourselves. As a result many people  suffer. Negative emotional baggage affects behavior and the mind of the individual as well as society.  This is evidenced when families and siblings fight amongst each other,  school year fights, married couples get divorced, the abundance of gang wars, as well as wars between countries.

The process of forgiveness starts with within.  In order to live with peace and love, we must all learn to forgive ourselves. Only then can we forgive others.  The process of forgiveness demands self and societal introspection. We must acknowledge the past pain, and forgive it. Once done we can truly be at peace.

Take the time to inventory what past pain you carry beneath the surface. Item by item forgive yourself for the situation, the person that caused the pain and for whatever pain you may have caused. This is a cleansing process that removes negativity and makes space for positivity.

The process works and can bring peace to individuals as well as societies around the world. Through forgiveness hate is gone, and peace thrives. No matter what race, religion, color, sex, age, or language we all want the same basic thing – to live in peace and love our families and to be happy.

Indeed forgiveness requires effort, belief, action, and faith. The reward is peace and it so worth the effort.

So take the time to forgive, you will be glad you did.