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flowershadowfor bolgLife contains periods of light and darkness. Mixed in among them are the shadows.   Photographers and artists love the shadows as it is the shadows that create contrast, dimension, depth, feeling, and emotion in paintings and photographs.  They are key elements to effective story telling.

Shadows have another meaning when thinking about the ego, human behavior, and emotions.   In this sense there are feelings, and emotions stored inside, that may affect how you deal with and respond to what is happening in your current life experience. These are hidden emotions  which can be the catalyst that promote self doubt, lack of confidence, anger, resentment, poor decision making, e.t.c..  The good news is that if we are aware and living in the moment, shadows serve to help us recognize our emotions stirring.

Recognizing these feelings as they are happening provides us the opportunity to deal with our issues in a positive manner serving the needs of everyone involved.  The alternative is to let the emotions inside awaken the ego and allow it to take control. When this happens things are often said and done in reaction without having taken a moment to think things through.


There are many things that make me happy.  Playing with my kids,  romping around with my dogs, eating ice cream, enjoying Mexican food, and hiking through the rain forest.  However there is one activity that is my bliss.  Its scuba diving.  The joy I feel simply being underwater is incredible.  I love witnessing the marine life and ocean topography.  My favorite aspect of diving though is the light.   Sunlight drifts down from above and shimmers in the water column and dances on the sandy bottom.  When ever I see this, I glow from the inside of my heart and feeling is magical.

When times are rough and challenging rather than dwell on negative things, I think about how I feel when underwater.  The positive erases the negative and I am again living with love and peace.  My hope is for everyone to find out what their bliss is, and call upon it when ever feeling blue. It feels good and is less calories than ice cream.


Let your love of self and life show on your face and in your actions.  Others will feel it and see it.  Who knows it might be contagious.  How wonderful to be a catalyst for positive energy and love.   In the universe the highest power is love. Love is the word, spread the news.