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Still waters run deep

Still waters run deep

Most of us know that salmon live for the day they return to where they originated. To do that they must swim against the current, encounter trials and tribulations. Those that make it back,  procreate then die.  I don’t know about you but part of that scenario does not sound that great to me.   Of course  there is a big difference between being a fish and a human, but the idea of going through life struggling and going against the flow of the universe seems futile. Perhaps this is one of lives big lessons.

Think about your life for a moment.  Have there been times when you pushed to hard in relationships, business, or  matters of the heart. What happened.  Did things turn out the way you wanted? And, have there been in times in your life when you did not resist what life was giving you and just accepted it. What was the result?  Did you experience stress, anxiety, rejection, feelings of abandonment,  not being worthy, or did you achieve your goal, solve a problem, communicate effectively, or be there for a friend?

Life has a way of teaching us that what we resist persists.  Accepting a life circumstance or situation allows you to deal with it in the now, and not add it to the emotional baggage of your past or future.   When we do this are going with the flow of life and living with love and peace.


Some people seem to always have a drama going on.  They go from one crisis to another and do not seem happy unless they are dealing with problems. Other people have realized that they could be right or they could be happy.  These folks make the choice not to let the little things bother them.  They have learned that being happy and not caring around ego and negative emotion allows them to stay in a positive and grateful mindset.  This is where living with love and peace becomes a way of life.  This image was created by Douglas Hoffman


Someone once said that the only thing that is consistent is that things change.   For some reason people resist change.  Nevertheless change comes. It occurs in the work place, in relationships, in life, and in your heart.  The longer were alive the more lessons we learn, and that is a good thing.   If I only knew then what I knew now…..  Remember what you resist tends to persist.

If changing your thinking, feeling, goals, e.t.c.., will improve your life  – embrace the change and accept the challenges that lie ahead.  You will be happier.

Wishing you all love and Peace.


Magical Maui Sunset

Magical Maui Sunset


This image provided by Maui Photography Inc.

There has never been a better time to make things happen.  Rather than just go through the repetition of daily life, create the life you want in your mind and envision it. Believe in it. Each day take at least one action to help pave the way to get the life you want.  Where your mindset takes you, results will show and you will achieve it.  This kind of positive attitude and energy attacks like energy.

If you want a new relationship prepare for it in your mind and heart, then take some action to make it happen.  This could be anything from signing up to take a class, volunteering at a charity that you like, joining a club or group that you have an interest in. You might even consider joining or other popular online dating services.  The point is to make it possible to meet people.

If you are in a relationship that is going nowhere, but you feel its better than the unknown, then you might want to consider facing the issues and dealing with them, or ending the relationship so that you can thrive.  Divorce is scary, but fear is the mind killer.   Face the fear and all that is left is you.   Sometimes long term relationships don’t work.   It’s sad but true.  The reality is that you don’t have to settle for less than you want or deserve.

If your a parent make this the year you spend quality time just being with your children. They grow so fast and soon enough are gone.   Make the most of it.  Give them your time and love and they will grow up well.

If you have an idea for a business.   Explore it.  Do the leg work.  You will never know if it is a great idea unless you do the research.  If you get a set back accept it and then determine how to get around it.   If your passionate and determined there is no obstacle you can’t overcome.

Life is for believing, creating, contributing,  loving, and enjoying.  Life is a blessing and not a curse. So for it!

Wishing you all love and peace….

the path to peace

the path to peace


This photo was provided by Maui Photo Tours and Douglas Hoffman.

Are you lonely?

Many people around the world feel they are alone.  Some think their nose is too big, or perhaps their ears are too large.  Some are overweight.  Some are short, some are tall.  Some have problems communicating with others, and other simply have a lot of fear.  Some are in prison, and others are on nursing homes. And then are people who have families and friends that they choose not to communicate with. There are hundreds of reasons why people feel separate.

While all these reasons are real, there is no real need for them or you to feel alone.  Here is why.  As long as you are alive there are people that care.  I know it might not seem that way but it is true.  For those that feel like they have no friends, perhaps that feeling exists only in their mind and not reality.  It just might be if they picked up the phone, wrote a letter, or even a sent an email their friends would be delighted to hear from them. There are call centers with people who volunteer their time just to talk.  There are churches and non-profit and other agencies that provide an ear to listen.  There also many blogs, and chat rooms on line in which people can communicate their thoughts, feelings, fears, and ambitions.

While there are options for people to get out of their shell, many people choose to act like a turtle and hide their head within a shell.  One of the reasons is that they have an internal set of values and beliefs that tells them they are ugly, undesirable, or unworthy.  This is an ever-present problem but the good news is it can be changed.   The solution is for them to change their personal beliefs and values from negative to positive.  Once done they can feel positive thoughts and get out of their shell.

So, how to do this.  We as fellow human beings can offer suggestions, provide books, talk to people, spend some time with these people and introduce them to new ways of thinking and feeling about themselves.

I believe that all it takes is a little help for people to gain knowledge and awareness, and then they can utilize their own mind and heart to evoke a change within.  And so, I think it would be a nice thing if people made an effort to help other people.  One person at time, we can make the world a better place and in that process enable people to feel like they are part of the human race and that they have something to contribute.  Like in a game of dominoes once the energy starts flowing, a reaction takes place.

So if you know someone who might be feeling alone or left out of life, take the time to invite them back into the world.  In this way we can all live with love and peace.

One of the best things I can share is how important it is to love yourself.  When you think about it how can you love others if you don’t love yourself. When you truly love yourself you can forgive yourself and others. It sounds simple, perhaps to simple,  but it is real.

Many people think they are loving but they carry around a lot of pain in their hearts and soul. This pain surfaces and causes disharmony in their relationships with themselves, and spouse and can be the cause of divorce, or not being able to find a partner to love.

In order to love yourself look within and acknowledge all that is good and bad. Relish the good, and forgive the bad. Once you do this you do this your spirit will be lighter and love will be ever-present.

When you love yourself it shows in how you act, react, and interact with people.  If you can mirror the love you have for yourself, nature, and other people it will show. As a result will attract love and enable you to find and maintain meaningful relationships.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe.  Harness it and see how your life improves.  I believe you will find your the quality of life improves.

I used to be selfish and now I know better.  Being of service, helping others, supporting charity, teaching, sharing, using my god given talent, skill and ability serve my higher self and benefit the world.  In turn these aspects of my life come back & benefit me.  Indeed the more you give the more you get. I am not referring to money. I am referring to love.  Love of self, love to others, and love of nature.

Like many people around the world my sense of self was a reflection of my childhood.  My parents were divorced when I was young and I was exposed to negative thinking, fear of lack, being separate, hate, anger, & frustration. While these emotions affected my sense of self, reactions, and behavior, they are not a true reflection of who I am. Nor are they a true reflection of my parents.  They had their own childhoods to deal that formed their behavior patterns.  Both did their best and I know they had and have great love for me. I also love them.  I speak of this only to share and encourage others to deal with their past.  I am not complaining.

My sense of self was also influenced by movies, t.v. magazines, newspapers, and friends. Wearing a certain kind of shoes or pants does not make the person.  Neither does a particular hair style. Society and peer pressure manipulate our thinking, and ego, and as a result create a false reality.  Who I am is not a function of how I dress or look.  It’s what is inside me.

My ego used to be in control but now I am.  As a result the my emotional baggage, and feelings of being separate are gone.   I love myself, and all living beings. Now I am part of something bigger.  My hope is for others to realize they are not alone.  Love is what life is all about. We are all in this world together.

All for one and one for all!

staying present in the moment is not always easy.  Our ego attempts to trick us and let pain and emotional baggage rule our behavior. When this happens anger, anxiety, frustration, fear of lack, abandonment, rule the day.  When these feelings start to surface the body feels it first.  For me its in my stomach.  When this happens I observe the emotion, and my ego waking up and say hello.  I recognize it then let it go. Once done it has no power over my state of mind or behavior. I can surrender to what is and return to the present moment and be at peace. This practice takes me from a negative place to a positive place.  It can work for everyone.  So Just do it.  You will be glad you did.

This blog is an example of how to accentuate positive thoughts and minimize the negative thoughts that flow through our mind each day.

Lets say that a co-worker in the office where you work does something that bothers you. In this scenario lets say he or she blasts disco music at high volumns and this disrupts your concentration and peace of mind. It’s natural to be upset by sombody that is discurteous and shows no respect for other people in the workplace.

You have choices as to how to respond.  You could notice the negative behavior and handle the matter by telling them that it it bothers you when the music is so loud and ask them to turn it down. In this case you observe the negative behavior and respond without taking the feeling and emotion inside your mind, heart, and body.  You culd also get mad and tell them they are rude and turn it off. Then go on to say something like I dont know why everyday you have to be so selfish and inconsiderate.  In this case you are trying to change someones behavior and adding negative energy.

Rather than try force someone to change their behavior think about your options and consider positive action as opposed to negative.  You might consider asking the person to use headphones.

There are times when when a positive outcome might not be possible.  If you try to force the issue and be right, you will be thinking from the ego and using negative energy.  If you realize the the person is not going to cooperate you could just accept the situation and move on with your day.  In this case you have surrendered to what is and not absorbed negativity.  In doing this you have not let your ego run your mind or gotten angry.  In this case I suggest you buy and should go and buy a set of ear plugs.

Getting mad at someone who is not going to change their behaviour is futile and will only get you agititated. So strive for positive solutions, and let it go.