Everyone who is alive has a history. Some of it is wonderful and some of it is not.That part is what I consider to be emotional baggage. The memories linger in our heart hidden from the surface, and only arise to when negativity awakens it.  Once activated our ego takes over and we often react or act in ways that do not serve our higher purpose the good of those around us.  It is not that we intend to let pain rule over our mind, it’s just that we can’t seem to stop it.  Or can we?

These memories take up space in our hearts that would be better filled with love. When my room is filled with clutter, I clean it.  I throw away things I don’t need or donate items to shelters, and organizations that provide clothes and other things to people in need.  The point is I remove the things that no longer serve a purpose.  It is also possible to remove the clutter that exists within our hearts.

The idea is to go through your memories and keep the bits that serve you and remove the bits (pain) that don’t.  Emotional baggage can weigh us down, so why not lighten our load? This creates space for love to come in and with it comes peace. Love is light, and as such is not heavy.

Accept the things that happened and forgive yourself and the people or situation that created the pain in the first place.  Once you start evaluating your life, these memories come to light. What I mean is some of the painful memories that became emotional baggage are buried so deep that they won’t surface without full intention, only then can you begin remembering things long forgotten.

Forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, love, faith, and belief serve your higher self, and  anger, hate, frustration, and resentment do not.  Once you make a  conscious choice to live a life filed with love and peace, you will find freedom.  As a result you and all those in contact with you will benefit.

Those of you that are parents can give your children a great gift, and that is to not to let your past pain rise up and pass to the next generation. Children will experience your anger and frustration if you allow your past pain to live on.  You can keep history from repeating itself and it its place fill their hearts with love and peace.