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Still waters run deep

Still waters run deep

Most of us know that salmon live for the day they return to where they originated. To do that they must swim against the current, encounter trials and tribulations. Those that make it back,  procreate then die.  I don’t know about you but part of that scenario does not sound that great to me.   Of course  there is a big difference between being a fish and a human, but the idea of going through life struggling and going against the flow of the universe seems futile. Perhaps this is one of lives big lessons.

Think about your life for a moment.  Have there been times when you pushed to hard in relationships, business, or  matters of the heart. What happened.  Did things turn out the way you wanted? And, have there been in times in your life when you did not resist what life was giving you and just accepted it. What was the result?  Did you experience stress, anxiety, rejection, feelings of abandonment,  not being worthy, or did you achieve your goal, solve a problem, communicate effectively, or be there for a friend?

Life has a way of teaching us that what we resist persists.  Accepting a life circumstance or situation allows you to deal with it in the now, and not add it to the emotional baggage of your past or future.   When we do this are going with the flow of life and living with love and peace.


Are you stuck in  relationship or job thats join nowhere?  Why do you stay?  Is it because the evil you know is better than the evil you don’t? Or is it that your afraid of rejection or that you won’t find something better?  Sometimes a low self esteem is what blocks us.  Somehow we feel that were no worthy of a better relationship or job. Other times it’s that you’ve been in it for so long you are comfortable even though not 100% content.  Whatever the reason, what is holding you back is you.  You need to change that in order to succeed & thrive.

Old Man Wisdom cruising over the reef.

Old Man Wisdom cruising over the reef.

Yes, this seems easier said than done.  However once you make a decision and are committed to it, change can be empowering and make you feel good.   After all your taking action to improve your situation.  Where energy flows, results often show.  So embrace the changes that you know need to be made to enable you to live the life you desire.  The process takes time and energy but it does work and you can create the life of your dreams. Some the things you will go through will not be fun. However they will pass and in the end you remain.

This turtle image was provided by Douglas Hoffman.

DSC_6997 copy

We all have trials and tribulations. How we deal with the circumstances in life defines who we are.   No matter what were going through, it is important to realize that life is full of magical moments.  If your in a rut, know that it won’t last.  Whatever the issue is it will pass.  Take time each day to reflect on all the things you are grateful for.  Staying in a state of mind that is positive and happy will offset the negativity.  Find joy in the beauty of just being.

Photo provided by Douglas J Hoffman

There has never been a better time to make things happen.  Rather than just go through the repetition of daily life, create the life you want in your mind and envision it. Believe in it. Each day take at least one action to help pave the way to get the life you want.  Where your mindset takes you, results will show and you will achieve it.  This kind of positive attitude and energy attacks like energy.

If you want a new relationship prepare for it in your mind and heart, then take some action to make it happen.  This could be anything from signing up to take a class, volunteering at a charity that you like, joining a club or group that you have an interest in. You might even consider joining or other popular online dating services.  The point is to make it possible to meet people.

If you are in a relationship that is going nowhere, but you feel its better than the unknown, then you might want to consider facing the issues and dealing with them, or ending the relationship so that you can thrive.  Divorce is scary, but fear is the mind killer.   Face the fear and all that is left is you.   Sometimes long term relationships don’t work.   It’s sad but true.  The reality is that you don’t have to settle for less than you want or deserve.

If your a parent make this the year you spend quality time just being with your children. They grow so fast and soon enough are gone.   Make the most of it.  Give them your time and love and they will grow up well.

If you have an idea for a business.   Explore it.  Do the leg work.  You will never know if it is a great idea unless you do the research.  If you get a set back accept it and then determine how to get around it.   If your passionate and determined there is no obstacle you can’t overcome.

Life is for believing, creating, contributing,  loving, and enjoying.  Life is a blessing and not a curse. So for it!

Wishing you all love and peace….

the path to peace

the path to peace


This photo was provided by Maui Photo Tours and Douglas Hoffman.

It is all to easy to get caught up in the moment of everyday life circumstance and think about what is not going well in your life. These people are living with a negative mindset. I bet that everyone reading this knows someone that is quick to blame others or get angry.  This is because placing blame rather than accepting what is real has become commonplace.  All too many people just go through the motions of living and do not actively participate in life. These people are living in a way that their past pain and circumstances influence the current life situation.

When people take responsibility for their own happiness and quality of life they accept their life circumstances, realize they cant control what others do but can control what they do, and how they feel. This is called living in the present moment and it provides a level of clarity which allows them to live in peace.  These people tend to think about what is going well in their life and have a positive mindset. When problems arise they work through them, and move on.  They do not dwell on the negative nor do they harbor animosity towards others.

I am not suggesting that people who have a positive attitude wont face challenges. Every human being alive has problems, issues, painful memories, expectations that were not met, e.t.c.  What I am saying is that a person with a positive mindset does not let these life circumstances make them hostile or angry.  They do not blame others but accept what is going on, then move on to resolve the situation.

So how does one get from living in the past and blaming others for things that occur in daily life to one who is living in the present and accepts what is going on now. The answers lie inside you.

What has worked for many people is to start meditating on a daily basis.  This helps clear the mind and heart.  Investing time to look inside and clean house enables you to remove negative emotions & painful memories. Accepting what has happened, and forgiving yourself and all those concerned is crucial to the process.   This acts as a giant eraser and removes all that stored negativity.  In that space you can now put in love and positive energy.

This sounds like a daunting exercise but once you start you will find that your feelings, attitudes, and behavior changes and before you no it you have transported yourself from past pain to living with love and peace in the present.

I went through this process in 2012, and it the result is a happier me. If I can do it.  Everybody can do it. So if your reading this and realize you have a negative mindset and want to change go for it.  You have nothing to lose but negativity and past pain.

Polipoli trail copy

As the new year is upon us it makes sense to take some time to think about our goals, dreams, and what were grateful for.  It is also the perfect time to look within and release negative emotions, memories, and pain.  To do this acknowledge that these negative emotions exist, and identify who or what caused them then from your heart let it go and forgive them.  You can also forgive yourself.

Once able to adopt an attitude of forgiveness and acceptance your attitudes and reactions to life circumstance change. You will find yourself happy, and other people will notice.  Little things will no longer cause stress and anxiety because you will accept what is and then take the necessary actions. This is called living in the moment.

As you begin this year keep in mind you can right or you can be happy.  Which do you choose.

What you think about will become your reality.  This is true when it comes to finding or not finding a parking space, or when it comes to health.   If you think your getting sick, guess what you will get sick.  If you think traffic is bad and your going to be late.  Guess what it will be bad and you will be late.  But, what if your thinking positive.   For example, next time you go shopping say to yourself and visualize that as you arrive someone will be backing out of the best parking spot and you will be able to simply pull in.

I recently had a meeting with a owner of a shopping center.  I came up with an out of the box idea, that would benefit both the land owner and myself.   There are a myriad of reasons why this idea would not work, but I am not going there.  Instead I am thinking, and visualizing that the land owner and I make an agreement, and a new income source is developed for both of us.  I should find out the news this week if the land owners and his partners agree.

I acknowledge there is a huge difference between getting a good parking place and opening a new business, but the process of positive thought verses negative thought is the same. And so until such time as the idea is rejected, I am thinking and visualizing it is accepted and by mid November I will open a new art gallery featuring island scenic and nature photography.  I will certainly write a post to let people know how things pan out.

We all have life situations that arise that cause feelings of anxiety, anguish, and frustration.  These emotions are part of life. They do not need to cause us to feel bad. But all to often they do.

Over the last few months, I have been told time and time again that something would happen that would improve my current situation.  As it turns out these have been nothing but false and empty promises.  As a result, I started to feel let down, and upset.   Then I realized that only I can control my state of mind and level of happiness. I did not want this negativity lingering any longer, so I made the decision to let it go.

I have accepted that things will not improve in the timeline I want, but I know they will improve because I have faith, belief, and the knowledge that all problems pass.  In letting go, a weight was lifted and my state of mind improved.

Everyone can apply this type of acceptance to their own situation and life circumstance. By letting  go, you might not get what you want when you want it but you can be happy and at peace.


Today is a brand new day so why not try something new. Try changing how you respond to people when they ask you questions like how are you today.  Instead of your normal answer say something that empowers you like I am spectacular, or I feel wonderful. See what happens to you mood and state of mind. You might just find that you are indeed spectacular.

If you find yourself getting angry towards someone, its ok to let them know how you feel but why not try saying it in a way that might help shift  your mood.  For example I am a lttle concerned as to why you say that, or perhaps you did not mean to do that. When you say negative words, your brain feels negative thoughts and you carry that within you.  Just a little food for thought.

If you make a conscious effort to be as positive as possible, you might just feel better, happier, and more vital.  Remember every day is a gift, enjoy it.

Today my sister sent me this valuable post written by Lori Spanga a well known specialist for communication with animals.  I read it and thought it would be perfect for people who want to live with love and peace.  Thanks Sherri for sending it and Lori for writing it.

If you are still under the false assumption that life on planet earth is difficult,troubling or challenging, then you are living in an old paradigm and it is time to upgrade your operating system!!!

Here are a few ways you can do that easily and harmoniously:

  • Set your intention to continually grow and evolve and be the best, most authentic, loving, joyful, compassionate, caring self you can be ~ with yourself and all others, including all the kingdoms of plant, mineral, animal and the Earth herself.  Practice every day asking yourself how you can love, appreciate, accept and forgive yourself and others in ways which are most harmonious.
  • Spend as much of your time and energy as possible in nature, preferably barefoot, with sincere intention to fully embrace the escalating electromagnetic fields of light and energy that are bombarding our planet. This new energy will assist you and your body to evolve and adapt to faster, higher vibrating frequencies of energy as well as allow the synapses in your brain to absorb new information which was formerly inaccessible before the emerging, escalating energies were readily accesible.
  • Practice healthy, all natural living and eating (for your pets too!) Remember: what you put into your body, be it food, thought, emotion or energy is what you become.
  • Continuously practice releasing ALL of your old belief patterns and old, warn out emotions, resentments, judgements, and other limiting beliefs.  FREE yourself internally of all lower vibrating energies, thoughts, ideas, emotions, beliefs, etc. Your biography becomes your biology! (Thank you, Carolyn Myss!)
  • Fully and completely embrace that YOU are the CREATOR of YOUR LIFE.  100%.  You are NOT a victim and YOU DO HAVE Real and Significant power to improve, change, and upgrade YOUR Life.   Even if you do not know what the best choices for you might be, recognize that there is a pure loving force and consciousness which YOU can tap into and allow it to lead you, guide and support you and love you!
  • It is time to really discover that you CAN DO ANYTHING you place your intention upon and then fill with unconditional love and gratitude for its unfoldment, even before it has shown up in your physical reality.
  • This kind of energy of love and gratitude opens the Portal into that reality and binds you to that reality.   This kind of multi dimensional thinking is what is most required of you at this time to fulfill your greatest wishes, dreams and potential.
  • Learn to see and experience EVERYTHING as if it is happening for YOUR GREATEST good.  Ask to see and understand the GIFT in everything and EVERY experience.
  • Continually upgrade your energy and activate your dormant DNA and RNA and Upgrade Your Operating System with regular and ongoing energy work.  We do this in monthly manifestation & healing circles.  As you match your energy field with the electromagnetic field of Earth, Earth’s rise in frequency will pull you along in Her wake as you entrain your energies to those of Mother Earth.

As you do these things more and more, you will become more and more entrained to the energy of the Ascending Mother Earth, and life will become more and more easy and graceful as you learn to step out of the way and allow Earth to support and assist you.  This is really ONLY a hard time for those who have not aligned with the new Ascending Earth, or those who are just beginning to learn the new ways of operating.  Life is FULL of new, rich potential!!!

All is good and one-derful as we align with the new energies and frequencies of Ascension.

Do not underestimate the significance of this transitional period, where the pardigms of reality overlap! It is time to Ascend to the NEW, Higher and Faster Vibrating Frequencies of Mother Earth, and Step into LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE EVER!